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Recipes of the month: Top 3 by the travellers' choice

My Magazine 2023/07
10 min
This month we are putting together the top three dishes by travellers’ choice. In other words, the top three dishes you have to try when coming here. The basis of the dish is the same, rice, as with most of the typical local dishes. The difference is in the sauce and source of the dish. From the ethnical aspect, two dishes are significant for two main ethnic groups living in The Gambia. Domoda is for Mandinka, and Benachin is for Wollof. Yassa is popular with all. All three are delicious!


Benachin is one of the most favourite and typical Gambian dishes. It is easy to prepare and can be made in different variations depending on your taste and available ingredients. Benachin in Wollof means one pot, which tells us the whole recipe is prepared in a single pot. It is fried rice and can be made in red and white variations, red being done with tomato paste. It can be prepared with chicken or fish, sometimes even beef. The choice of topping vegetables depends on the season or preference of the cook.



Chicken Yassa is one of The Gambia's most common and simple-to-make dishes. Its main ingredients are rice, chicken, and onion; it is low-cost yet delicious. Like any other dish, chicken yassa can be cooked in various ways and with various meat choices. And like with most dishes, it is made with many spices, of which the hot pepper is a must to add that spicy taste to the plate.



Domoda is a delicious groundnut stew with spices, meat (chicken or fish) and vegetables. It is a very famous food in The Gambia and Senegal. If prepared less spicy, it is also the number one choice for many visitors to The Gambia. The ingredient that makes it stand out from the rest is peanut paste, which is usually freshly made on the market. With groundnut being one of the main crops here, no wonder a recipe like this evolved through time and is today one of the most famous Gambian dishes.

Enjoy your meal!

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