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Coco Ocean Resort & Spa all set to reclaim its glory

My Magazine 2023/07
3 min
The magnificent Coco Ocean Resort & Spa is in the process of undergoing a complete makeover - a meticulous process aimed at bringing back its original beauty and charm.

The restoration will breathe new life into Coco Ocean with endless possibilities. Plans are already in motion for additional amenities, promising even more delightful surprises for guests in the coming months.

Recognizing the need for professional facilities, Coco Ocean has expanded to include another conference room. The Coco Boutique in the reception was converted into a smaller Conference/Board Room to cater for smaller meetings. These spaces cater to the needs of business meetings, seminars, corporate retreats and so on. Equipped with the latest technology and supported by a dedicated staff, Coco Ocean has become a haven for those seeking business and pleasure.

Next in line was the private dining room adjacent to the Bar in Safran Restaurant. Overlooking the crystalline pools and the Atlantic Ocean, the Ocean Room now shimmers in breathtaking and soothing sea blue and white hues. Transparent white curtains drape the tall windows around the cosy dining room, letting in light and, at the same time affording beautiful views no matter where you sit. The snow-white walls, Coco Ocean's high signature ceiling and checkerboard floors, the royal blue planters with bright green foliage, and the vibrant metallic light fixtures transport guests to a realm of elegant comfort.

To elevate the dining experience, Coco Ocean's breakfast buffet is also undergoing a royal makeover with more live stations featuring pancakes, waffles, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of cereals, fresh juices, and a coffee machine with a choice of 11 flavours that are sure to give you the boost you need.

But the surprises do not end there. Every Sunday, Coco Ocean will unveil a new menu for its esteemed guests, transforming the customary Sunday Brunch into a remarkable culinary adventure. From exotic flavours to innovative presentations, every Sunday will bring a fresh experience while rewarding your taste buds.

Large screens are to be set up in the opulent reception area, showcasing the captivating beauty of Coco Ocean Resort & Spa. From the magnificent Moorish architecture to the spectacular landscapes, guests will be awestruck by the beauty surrounding them. These screens serve as a reminder that staying at Coco Ocean is not simply a vacation but an immersion into the Moroccan culture! The only one of its kind in The Gambia!

The Coco Beach Restaurant, once a hidden gem on the beach, will emerge to reclaim its glory. With a new look, ambience and menu, your daily beach dining experience will sprinkle additional marine flavour to the choice of most popular dishes served with the spice of royalty.

Foodies, there is more! In the evening, the outdoor setting of Saffran Restaurant will be set for Thai food lovers! Yes, you read that right!! The tantalizing aromas of exotic spices will fill the air once again as the new menu brings you the best of Thai cuisine under the expertise of a skilled Thai chef, giving guests an authentic taste of the East.

Embracing the desire for indulgence and rejuvenation, Coco Ocean's Salon is also due to undergo a lavish refurbishment. It's definitely going to be a makeover with the signature Moroccan touch! In other words, absolutely fabulous!

And, of course, to enhance the guest's experience, Coco Ocean's ever-popular Spa - an oasis of serenity - will continue to provide a variety of therapies, from hammams to a wide range of traditional massages as well as a sauna, creating an atmosphere of restful bliss.

Guests can also enjoy a daily pool pass, allowing them to bask in the warm embrace of the sun, cool off in crystalline waters, and sip refreshing drinks by the poolside.

A very important addition to Coco Ocean Resort & Spa are its two brand new Caterpillar generators to ensure flawless power supply during power outages. Their impressive 600 kva generator is ready to keep the luxurious amenities effortlessly running, while the dependable 330 kva standby generator guarantees uninterrupted serenity. At Coco Ocean, your comfort and relaxation are paramount, and now, even power cuts can't dim the allure of our oasis of indulgence.

Finally, Coco Ocean is thrilled to announce the return of the former GM Terry Langenhoven at its helm! With his creative prowess and visionary leadership, he is already spearheading the sensational transformations taking place at Coco Ocean. Be ready to be blown away by the grandeur that awaits!

The restoration of Coco Ocean signals a new chapter in its rich history. With a refreshed ambience, enhanced dining experiences, and an array of luxurious amenities, it invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of unparalleled beauty and comfort. Coco Ocean is always ready to welcome visitors promising a stay that will forever be etched in their hearts.



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