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Creating a Magical World: Values

My Magazine 2023/07
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
The signs of drastic changes worldwide are clearly noticeable everywhere. They are most noticeable in people’s conscious thinking and are strongly influenced by the world outside. Still the inside, the depths of our subconsciousness, have a great impact too. It radiates to every individual and the whole community.

The world outside is in upheaval. The gradual dissolution of family, tradition and religion, especially in Western countries, is leading to a quest for new values, a new identity and security. In former times, these structures were supported by a religious order of life, in the last decades this support has been lost more and more. At present, attempts are being made to form a global community of all peoples who are primarily connected to each other through economic relations. This global community shares a mutual responsibility for prosperity and security. But here the question of values must take a central place in the deliberations and, above all, be clearly stated and made obvious.


Progress, peace and prosperity

Since 18 November 1964, The Gambia has had an official national coat of arms, which includes a banner with The Gambia's national motto. Progress, peace and prosperity are enshrined there as values by which all the people of the country should orient themselves. Progress and prosperity in The Gambia still have a lot of upside potential by Western standards. The mindset of the people has always strongly influenced the development of the country. The true value of progress and prosperity in The Gambia at present lies not in numbers and statistics, but in the beaming faces of the people. These are rich in empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings. Many Gambians are rich inside because they recognise the value of the real treasures of life: love, family, friendship and inner contentment.

After decades of political turmoil and insecurity, The Gambia has realised the power of peace. Peace is now a core value of The Gambia. People now take the path of reconciliation and dialogue when conflicts arise. The people of The Gambia have come together to build a future of solidarity and harmony. It is a country where different ethnicities, religions and cultures live peacefully together. The Gambian community is characterised by tolerance and solidarity. An atmosphere of trust and security has been created. The peace in the country is therefore certainly its greatest strength. "The Smiling Coast of Africa" is known for the warmth of its people.

Instead of slipping from one crisis to the next, the people of The Gambia now have a unique opportunity to harness global digitalisation and make their country a shining example of progress and prosperity as they move into a new era. In keeping with the values of the country’s coat of arms, a new mindset may be established in the population. Rethinking, shifting the mind and above all thinking about the future will bring the values of progress and prosperity more actively to the fore. We at IN-US are determined to do our best, together with our partners, to successfully support The Gambia in this great opportunity.


Bitcoin in The Gambia

In a future of prosperity and progress, Bitcoin is taking the stage in The Gambia and transforming people's dreams into tangible reality. Bitcoin is more than just a currency or a technical concept - it is a symbol of hope, a catalyst for change, and a source of limitless possibilities. Bitcoin was created to give users financial freedom and independence. It allows people to control their own finances without relying on third parties, such as a bank. Anyone can send and receive Bitcoins using a smartphone, which has already conquered the far corners of The Gambia, regardless of location, origin or financial situation. Last month, we already described in more detail what happens when Bitcoin finds its way into the digital wallets of the Gambian people. New doors open that seemed closed for a long time. As a result, the days of financial insecurity and lack of access to modern banking services will soon be a thing of the past. The future is bright and shining, and Bitcoin Gambia is the key.


A beacon of progress

Like a beacon of progress and innovation, we at IN·US have developed a new, pioneering construction project to kick things off. With 31 high-quality business apartments, office space and conference rooms, the "Bitcoin Tower K2 - The Gambia" sets new standards in sustainable building technology in The Gambia. Centrally located in Bijilo with direct beach access, the outstanding high-rise concept offers special apartments for business people and digital nomads. Space-saving, compact and with a holistic offer, the forward-looking building exemplifies a resource-saving land use in the urban development area.

The business apartments in the Bitcoin Tower are more than just rooms with desks and stable infrastructure. They are places of exchange, collaboration and growth. This is where visionary thinkers come together to share their ideas and will become pioneers taking new paths. In this vibrant ecosystem of innovation, groundbreaking companies that will change the world are created within the framework of an inspiring community.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and self-contained infrastructure, the Bitcoin Tower is not only a place for business activities, but a shining symbol representing The Gambia's commitment to the Bitcoin movement. It will be a highlight in the network of Bitcoin countries, attracting visitors from all over the world and thus boosting the country's economy. The Bitcoin mindset is one of technological innovations. The decentralized blockchain technology on which Bitcoin is based has the potential to revolutionize not only finance, but other industries as well. The Bitcoin Tower embodies the courage and determination of a country ready to lead this digital revolution.


The people as heroes of history

In The Gambia, you can feel the pulsating heartbeat of progress, peace and prosperity in this time of change. The people will be the true heroes of this story, with their determination, solidarity and unwavering belief in a better future, making the country flourish. In the smiling faces of the Gambians, you can see the hope and confidence that their homeland is a place where dreams can be realized. The Gambia is showing the world that its values of progress, peace and prosperity are not just empty words, but real possibilities that can change the lives of millions of people.

"It's not what I have, it's what I create" will be a powerful insight for people in the future, focusing on personal growth and potential development. A journey inward, to ourselves, leads to the creation of new values that will be the modern luxury. This lies in the fulfilment of our deepest desires and needs. A conscious life in which we enjoy every moment with full presence and appreciation, in harmony with nature and the world around us, thus defines the legacy for future generations.

Now we get to take advantage of this unique opportunity and become part of the Bitcoin movement in The Gambia. Write your own story of prosperity, adventure and change. Be a pioneer in a global revolution that will shape the world forever. Your time is now - seize it and make your dreams come true.


My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

The Gambia's picturesque beaches are known for their unparalleled diversity and beauty. With the gentle sound of the waves in your ears and the warm sand under your feet, you can enjoy quiet minutes in this magical natural setting, where the African sun often bathes the horizon in a golden light, a valuable opportunity for your personal development opens up. As you anchor yourself in the stillness of a meditation, you will feel a deeper understanding of yourself, and your surroundings unfold. The beauty of nature around you becomes a source of inspiration and reminds us that we are part of a greater whole. You feel intricately connected to the earth here and can incorporate the energy of the ocean, the brilliance of the sun and the vastness of the sky. The meditative practice on the beautiful beaches of The Gambia allows you to clear blockages and gain new perspectives. You'll recognize your strengths, values and goals more clearly and be able to pursue them with greater determination. Open your heart and experience this transformative power of meditation on the stunning beaches of The Gambia.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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