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AFROBEACITIE FESTIVAL: Gambia's Biggest International Afro-Culture Festival

My Magazine 2023/07
20 min
And The Beat Goes On! Afrobeacitie will Attract Thousands To The Gambia For An Unforgettable Celebration of Afro Music, Dance, Art And Culture in December 2023!

The Gambia has become Africa's go-to destination, especially if you're looking for an unforgettable experience on the continent during the high season leading into the new year. One of the main attractions that will keep people flocking back is The Afrobeacitie Festival. The Festival is designed to be integral to The Gambia's position as a hot spot for international tourists, with a particular attraction for the younger African Diaspora travellers who want to connect to their African roots.

Afrobeacitie attracts thousands from across the globe each year to experience some of the best international and local artists, DJs and activations from all over Africa, such as Tiwa Savage, Philz, Asake, Attack, Jizzle and many others.

Afrobeacitie has also expanded its brand to include the Afro Showcase, to engage thought leaders across the diaspora and create their music museum. They have activations in The Gambia, Cape Verde, South Africa, and Senegal.

The team has already started planning for a spectacular experience in December 2023 for their 1st edition of Afrobeacitie Xperience in The Gambia!

"We will be including more of the Black Diaspora and activating around the world," says McSymil Sseb, the CEO of AFB Nations Group. "We will continue to see more Afro-Centric expanding across the continent with more collaborations. The sky's the limit!"


What Is Afrobeacitie Festival?

The Afrobeacitie Festival is a captivating experience featuring art and fashion installations, live paintings, and mouthwatering dishes, all capped off by fantastic live performances from the Afro Music World! It celebrates Africa's diverse culture, black innovators and entrepreneurs through music, art, cuisine and community.


The Festival is designed to elevate and highlight Africa's exciting and thriving millennial talent by introducing an interactive event that teaches, explains and explores culture with a pioneering approach.

Afrobeacitiers will experience art and creative activations from the continent, celebrate African music and taste premium traditional cuisine. VISION African art, cuisine, music, and food are popular culture.

According to the event's Co-founders Nikki Sseb and Mcsymil Sseb, no matter how large the Festival becomes, it always feels like you're returning home to a cook-out with your extended family. That sentiment will be shared by those who will come from far and wide to attend the shows in person.

As per Nikki and Mcsymil Sseb, "We would like people to feel that going to Afrobeacitie Festival is part of one's journey to reconnect with their roots in Africa."

For Us By Us Celebrating Us

Make sure you buy your ticket now and secure yourself the incomparable Afro beach art music experience! Tickets are now also available at My Gambia Office. You are most welcome to stop by!


Do you want to combine your festival experience with a limitless exploration of The Gambia and its culture? Send us a message, give us a call or send an email. We will create a package tailored to your needs to ensure your travel will be wholesome.

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Foreword: Refreshments brought by rain
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