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Sundays at Balafon: A Barbecue Extravaganza by the Ocean

My Magazine 2023/12
1 min
Balafon Beach Resort, nestled in the coastal paradise of Kololi in The Gambia, welcomes you to an exclusive Sunday affair—an indulgent Brunch Barbecue that transcends culinary delight. This hidden gem, designed to harmonize traditional African aesthetics with modern luxury, invites adults seeking a tranquil escape by the ocean's edge.

Every Sunday, from 1 pm to 5 pm, the resort transforms into a haven for barbecue enthusiasts. Imagine succulent meats, from perfectly grilled chicken to an array of seafood, tantalizing your taste buds amidst the backdrop of crashing waves and the gentle ocean breeze. This Brunch Barbecue is the pinnacle of culinary excellence, promising a feast unlike any other.

Indulge in a culinary journey featuring not just meats but also an assortment of vegetables, crisp salads, and exotic rice meticulously prepared to complement the grilled delights. The highlight? An array of sauces crafted to perfection elevate each bite to an explosion of flavours, making this experience a true pleasure for discerning palates.

As the sun sets over the pristine coastline, Balafon Beach Resort invites you to savour the ultimate Sunday retreat. Join us for the Brunch Barbecue, where flavours collide and memories are made amidst the beauty of The Gambia's shores. Priced at an incredible D1,000 per person, reserve your spot today by contacting Info Line at +220 209 7777 (Calls / WhatsApp).

Elevate your Sundays with an experience that lingers long after the last bite. Balafon—a paradise that tantalizes all your senses, one Sunday at a time.

Looking for a holiday resort?

We invite you to the tropical paradise of Balafon Beach Resort. Make a reservation with us and get rid of all the worries!


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