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TRIP: A Day with Fulani Community

My Magazine 2023/12
1 min
Discover the captivating Fulani culture in Sinchu Wellingara, a village nestled in The Gambia, offering an authentic immersion into local traditions.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by lively drumming and dancing, embracing the vibrant spirit of the community. Paying respects to the village chief marks the start of a journey steeped in cultural insights.

Visitors engage in hands-on activities such as learning herding techniques, observing baobab rope making, and taking part in a Latcheeri breakfast workshop, unveiling the culinary heritage of the Fulani people. A guided village tour sheds light on gum tattooing, the significance of traditional attire, and the symbolism behind vibrant beads.

Participation in communal meal preparation fosters unity and teamwork as guests wear 'rapas' and assist in cooking a traditional meal. Lunch features vegetable domoda served in calabash bowls, representing cultural authenticity.

Crafting workshops allow guests to decorate calabashes with beads, establishing a connection to the artisanal heritage passed down through generations.

Community-based tourism, such as this Fulani village experience, offers visitors an opportunity for authentic cultural immersion. It encourages sustainable tourism practices by honouring local customs, supporting the local economy, and preserving traditions. This approach benefits the community by fostering cultural exchange, generating income, and safeguarding their way of life. It also empowers locals by directly involving them in tourism activities.

Our trips are developed and conducted with partners who promote responsible travel, ensuring a meaningful and lasting impact while preserving the authenticity of destinations like Sinchu Wellingara for future generations. Travelling with us ensures a beneficial experience for both hosts and visitors, dispersing the impact to rural Gambia.


We invite you to explore our selection of workshops, trips, and tours, providing a deeper insight into the vibrant life of The Gambia.

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