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TIP: Airport Entry Tips for The Gambia

My Magazine 2023/12
2 min
If you have been to The Gambia before, you know your way around the Banjul International Airport. But if you are coming to The Gambia for the first time, this article will be helpful because things are done differently here. So we advise you to read through until the end so you know what to do once you land here.

Once your flight has landed, a bus will transfer you to the main terminal building. Please note that the temperature inside the airport is usually warm, so putting your jackets in your hand luggage is advisable before you disembark. We also advise keeping your passport, all other necessary documents and a pen handy.

There is an Airport Development Fee of €20/$20/£20 or GMD1000 per person (excluding infants), which has to be paid at the Airport Security Tax collection desk.

Follow the line to the immigration control, where you will be asked to present your passport (with visa if needed). You will be asked to provide your biometrics and stand before the camera so the officials can take your photograph.

You can then continue to the luggage carousel area, but be prepared to wait a while. We advise you to have water/drinks in your hand luggage as the temperature can sometimes be uncomfortable. Trolleys are provided free; however, should you decide to use the services of a porter, then be prepared to give a small tip of around £1/€1.50/$2. 

Once your luggage has arrived, please proceed to the baggage security queue, where your luggage will be scanned by an X-ray machine. From here, you can proceed out of the main building complex. You might be asked for your luggage number at the exit area, so keep those little stickers handy.

If you have arrived with one of the tour operators, you will usually exit to the right of the main gate, where your coach will be waiting to transfer you to your resort.

You will receive many offers from the airport staff to help you carry your luggage to the vehicle with a trolley. If you accept the offer, be ready to leave them a tip.

If you are an independent traveller, you can use a car hire company located at the terminal or one of the tourist taxis waiting outside the main gates. Expect to pay around GMD1500/£18/€20/$23 to take you to the main tourist resorts on the coast.

The Gambians are warm and friendly people, and we recommend you be patient and polite even though the arrival procedure can sometimes be lengthy.

If you would like assistance with the arrival procedure or airport transfer, please contact us.

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