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Must-Try Top 5 Dishes at Royalisto Multicuisine

My Magazine 2023/12
2 min
Royalisto Multicuisine Restaurant has been steadily gaining popularity since it opened a few months back, and it is getting great reviews for its food. Chances are that you have already been to Royalisto and are a regular customer. But for those who still have to try out their cuisine, here are five of Royalisto's bestseller dishes you should absolutely try the next time you're there.

1. Aloo Kurkure

This lip-smacking dish called Aloo Kurkure literally means Crispy Potatoes in Hindi. Or Potato and Mint croquet when translated into English.

Aloo Kurkure is a snack made with potatoes, mint, lemon, garlic and spices. This crispy, deep-fried snack is ideal for tea, coffee or starters. A favourite with the kids as well as adults.

2. Beetroot Kebab

Kebabs are an age-old dish originating from the Middle East and Indian monarchies. This version uses beetroots for a vibrant red colour and a melody of spices.

Beetroot Kebabs are packed with goodness, full of yummy flavours, and pan-fried. They are naturally moist and almost melt in your mouth. They are perfect as appetizers and party snacks and can also be served as a part of a meal or a complete meal with a fresh, crunchy salad on the side.

Pair these beautiful kebabs with a sweet and tangy beetroot dip, and you have a definite showstopper at the dinner table!

3. Tandoori Prawns

Tandoori Prawns are a popular North Indian seafood dish known for their unique, bold flavours. Prawns are marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and a variety of aromatic spices and herbs. These marinated prawns are cooked over a charcoal fire or the traditional Indian grill (Tandoor) till crisp, resulting in a distinctive reddish hue and a smoky grilled flavour.

This dish is ideal as a delicious appetizer or a complete meal served with Kachumber (a traditional Indian salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions) and a warm naan. These are truly addictive!

The dish originates from the Punjab region of India and is now popular worldwide.

4. Chinese Sizzler

If you are a fan of sizzlers and Chinese food, the Vegetarian Chinese Sizzler is worth a shot. Being downright delectable, this sizzler is a must for any vegetarian looking to experience a fusion of Chinese cuisine and a sizzler.

Sizzlers are a great way to take your party menu up a notch or enhance your meal. It typically includes a variety of stir-fried vegetables, noodles and a flavourful sauce.

5. Lamb Chapli Kebab

Originally a delicacy around the Afghanistan and Pakistan frontier, Chapli Kebab is a popular street food throughout South Asia, including Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Chapli kebabs are made with minced lamb and spices, are pan-fried, and have a melt-in-your-mouth kind of tenderness. They have a unique flavour, with ingredients like dried pomegranate seeds to lend them a slight tang and coarsely ground coriander to enhance their already crispy exterior.

Chapli Kebab is versatile and can be eaten with Indian bread, rice dishes or even fries.

Contact Details

Royalisto Multicuisine
Located at the Bakadaji Hotel on Bertil Harding Highway.
Open seven days a week from 1 PM until 2 AM.
T: +220 799 9939 / +220 799 9929

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