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MADE IN THE GAMBIA: NdeyFatou's Nature's Secrets

My Magazine 2023/12
2 min
Meet Fatoumatta Hall, popularly known as NdeyFatou, the creator and founder of Nature's Secrets, a business rooted in her belief that food should be nourishing and authentic. She is a full-time entrepreneur and a single mother of two children: a daughter aged fourteen and a son aged twelve.

NdeyFatou is thirty-eight years old. She was born in Banjul and is the only child of her mother and the last child of her father. Her life has not been easy. At the tender age of five, she tragically lost her father, leaving her mother to bear the responsibility of raising her singlehandedly. Fortunately, NdeyFatou's maternal grandmother stepped in to help care for her while her mother worked. However, tragedy struck again when NdeyFatou's mother passed away when NdeyFatou turned thirty. Since then, Fatou has been caring for herself and her two children.

NdeyFatou studied at Ndow's Comprehensive High School, studied Administration of Business Executive (ABE), and then obtained an advanced diploma in Information Technology.

Her mother had a tailoring shop where she made clothes for men, women and children and took them to the provinces to sell. She was also an excellent cook, and it's from her that NdeyFatou inherited the passion for cooking, which led her to start her own food business while still in school.

While working at a bakery to make ends meet, NdeyFatou had the idea to start her own organic food business. Driven by a desire to make a difference and contribute to her community, she went on to acquire the requisite training. Despite facing immense personal and financial struggles, she has fearlessly pursued her dreams, leading her to become the founder of Nature's Secrets—a thriving enterprise that produces organic, natural, and traditional food products.

NdeyFatou started Nature's Secrets in The Gambia in December 2022 and now supplies her food products to mini markets, stores and supermarkets around town. The most popular product she has ever processed is the Moringa powder, considered a superfood around the world.

NdeyFatou works from her home in Bakau with her 14-year-old daughter, who pitches in to help after school. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of business, fueling each other's motivation while strengthening their bond.

NdeyFatou's story leaves us with a valuable lesson: to overcome life's adversities and turn our passions into realities. Through Nature's Secrets, she has proved that offering people delicious, healthy options is truly rewarding. As Fatou continues to enrich the lives of her customers, she reminds us to embrace our uniqueness and pursue our dreams, no matter the obstacles in our way.

Nature's Secrets brings you a wide range of tantalizing products, such as -

  • Moringa powder
  •  Baobab powder
  •  Mighty Cereal, which is a mix of Millet, maize, baobab, moringa, rice, groundnuts and beans
  •  Millet ( Cherreh)
  •  Rolled Millet (Chakry)
  •  Rice and Peanut porridge (Chura Gherteh)
  •  Rolled Dried Millet (Arraw)
  •  Pepper Sauce
  •  Black-eyed bean powder
  •  Findi
  •  Mbahal
  •  Mbudakeh etc

At My Gambia, we are dedicated to encouraging and celebrating the efforts of heroic people like NdeyFatou. Please call her and support her by purchasing her products.
Her contacts: +220 7782121 (Whatsapp) or +220 6556936

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