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Janjanbureh festival and more - 3 days/2 nights

My Magazine 2022/01
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If you are in The Gambia in the end of January, you should not miss Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival. It is a great chance to attend one of the most unique and colourful festivals in The Gambia and also, to explore village life, history, wildlife, culture, music, dance and so much more.

The Kankurang Festival in Janjanbureh can be described as the display of culture and tradition, skills and talents, love, and togetherness in the community of Janjanbureh. Because of the demand for a new form of tourism that is more culturally and community-based the Janjanbureh, Kankurang festival is here to provide that experience for you...

Kankurang is a general term used to name the Mandinka traditional mask. Mandinka’s have different types of masks and each of them has its own purpose or duty towards the community. Each tribe has a name for its traditional mask.

This year’s program will be again a treat for the eyes and ears. Different masks and cultural groups will perform with their traditional dance and music. We guarantee you that you will enjoy the show.

As there is some free time during the program, we invite you to explore Janjanbureh, wildlife and the river.

Trip highlights

Janjanburreh is an important historical town, offering many important sites that are part of the cultural and historical heritage of the place.

Kayaking is a step closer to nature, water and animals. While rowing in the calm river (creek) with no currents, your ride on a tranquil river, enveloped by the gentle breeze and the chirping of birds, will take you far away from the boisterous land. You will enter a world of unalloyed peace and tranquillity.

River Gambia National Park is home to many animal species. On an hour-long cruise, you will be trying to spot hippos in the river. The most dangerous African animals are usually easy to spot close to the riverbank especially in the middle of the day. They live in the natural environment so there is no guarantee to spot them, but usually, visitors are lucky enough to spot at least the ears protruding from the water.

Colourful birds will accompany you as you enjoy your lazy ride on the mighty river. Your eye might also catch a rare and endangered red colobus monkey, baboons, crocodiles, and some of the magnificent reptiles resting ashore.

Baboon island is home to more than 100 refugee chimpanzees who were brought to life in an open-air sanctuary after experiencing one of many forms of human exploitation.

Jamali Village is a Fula village with predominately authentic architecture. Houses built out of mudbricks, roofs covered with long grass, fences made out of stakes combined with high grass will take your breath away and give you the feeling that you are in another dimension.

Fulani Ritti women group and many children will greet you with music and singing at the village entrance. If you want to make a host happy, join in for some dance steps.

There, you will be served “brunch” in a hand-made wooden cup with a spoon made of calabash. Not to forget a bowl of delicious rice and groundnut porridge with sour milk and sugar called Churray Gherte. It is one of the most famous porridges in the Gambia.

If you want to experience the unique feel of traditional displays in combination with an unforgettable journey, this is the right place to be at.

It is all based on responsible tourism, which offers fair dispersal of the economic benefit to all included in the trip yet also expects the visitors to stay unobtrusive and learn about the cultural differences while respecting them.

Price per person: GMD 15,000/250€
(min 8 pax)

Price includes transportation, accommodation (2 nights), breakfast (2), lunch (3), dinner (3), tips, entrance fees, boat trip, kayaking, city tour, festival ticket, guidance.

Send an e-mail to to book your space or call 759 5378.

A trip is organized by our business partner, African Adventure Tours.

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