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All about the transport in The Gambia

My Magazine 2022/01
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Here, you will find helpful information about getting to The Gambia and getting around once you arrive here.

Flight connections

There is only one airport in The Gambia, located at Yundum, but named Banjul International Airport. Apart from seasonal and chartered flights, the main current airlines and destinations to fly to the Gambia are here:

  • Senegal Airlines (Dakar – Banjul, Freetown - Banjul)
  • Brussels Airlines (Brussels – Dakar – Banjul)
  • Air France (Paris – Banjul)
  • Vueling (Barcelona – Banjul)
  • TAP Portugal (Lisbon – Banjul)
  • Turkish Airlines (Nouakchott – Dakar – Banjul, Istanbul – Dakar – Banjul)
  • ASKY Airlines (Freetown – Banjul)
  • Royal Air Maroc (Casablanca – Banjul, Istanbul - Banjul)
  • Corendon Dutch Airlines B.V. (Amsterdam – Banjul)
  • Air Senegal (Dakar – Banjul)
  • Air Peace Limited (Dakar – Banjul)
  • Gambia Experience (charter flight: London – Banjul)
  • TUI (charter flight: London – Banjul, Manchester - Banjul)


Airport transfer

Most accommodation providers are offering airport transport to your booked accommodation place. But you can also find a taxi service available at the airport, which you can recognize by the green or yellow colour. Be ready to negotiate a price, but you should be able to find transport to tourism concentrated areas ranging between D500 to D800.

Check for airport transfer service with your accommodation provider or check with African Adventures or Gambia Tours.


Rent a car/motorbike

Rent-a-car services are available at the airport, but you can also find some companies located mainly in the tourism concentrated areas. Don’t forget to bring your international driving license. If you decide to go on the road by yourself, take extra precautions, especially if you decide on renting a motorbike. There is a lack of traffic and direction signs, traffic rules are not always being followed, traffic jams are often on main roads, and off the main roads, the drive can be very bumpy. Here are some rent-a-car services:
West Coast Motors
BG Car Rentals
ECH Car Rental

Rent a bike

You can rent a bike at some of the accommodation places outside the tourism concentrated areas, such as Bintang Bolong Lodge, Abcass Creek, but you will also find some rent-a-bike services elsewhere. One of the spots is Darboe's Bicycle Rentals at Kotu, opposite Badala Park Hotel.


Taxi service

On the streets, you will see green and yellow taxis. Green taxis are considered tourist taxis, which means they can pick you up from specific tourism concentrated areas (Poco Loco Street, Senegambia strip, Palma Rima Street), where yellow taxis can only drop you off. The price for green taxis is usually a bit higher, but it has to be negotiated in advance as well. They offer a so-called “town trip” service, a private ride to a certain location. The price depends on the distance. It is also possible to call a taxi that will pick you up at a specific place at a specific time. Many taxis (no matter the colour) also offer a shared taxi service, which means you can share a taxi with other passengers on a certain route, e.g., from Turntable to Senegambia, Senegambia to the Traffic Light. You would usually pay for transport by a local price of D10 but you have to make it clear you are looking for a shared taxi service when stopping the taxis on the street.

You can also check 1Bena app booking facility that provides you with an easy platform to find a nearby taxi service and book transportation through the app.

Here are some taxi drivers we trust:

  Ebraima Sunbundu – Raz

Yellow Taxi – 4 passengers

+220 7777 602

+220 9949 815

  Pateh Sanyang

Green Taxi – 4 passengers

+220 705 5372

  Bafoday Sanneh

Green taxi – 7 passengers

Commercial car – 4 passengers

+220 7227 561



Like taxis, tuk-tuk provides two types of service. Shared transport on certain routes for D10, which is somehow a hop-on-hop-off way of commuting, and town-trips, were the same as with taxi drivers, you agree on a price before the trip. You can also arrange for tuk-tuk pickup. The three-wheelers are designed for three to six passengers. Two of service providers in The Gambia are TUK-TUK Gambia and Joe’s Ride.


Gelleh Gelleh or Bush Taxi

Many people use this type of transport for their daily commuting since this is the most common public transport option apart from shared taxis. These are mostly seven-passenger vehicles, delivery vehicles, vans and minibuses. These vehicles are not marked with a specific colour and are used for long and short-distance transport. Prices are fixed, usually D10 per short route. However, we recommend that you inquire about the ticket price before entering. These taxis stop anywhere on the way so passengers can get in and out.


Domestic and International Bus Service

Gambia Transport Service Company is offering bus rides to more distant areas. They offer bus transport on domestic routes from Banjul to Basse and Barra to Laminkoto. They also offer transport on international routes from Banjul to Dakar (D1000) on two routes, or Banjul to Bissau (D700).

Their buses are also known as green buses, which are cheaper, seating spot is not assured as also all the standing spots can be filled and they make more stops on the way to Basse. Blue buses are a bit more expensive, comfortable, with guaranteed sitting spots and usually used for express service to Basse (where stops on the way are scarcer) and international transport.

To book a ride, you have to go to the office at Kanifing and leave a contact which staff will use to inform you about the exact date and time of departure. You usually have to book your ticket few days in advance.

Photo Credit: Gambia Transport Service


Crossing a river

To cross the river, you can choose the ferry from certain points like Banjul-Barra, Janjanbureh-Lamin Koto, Bamba Tenda-Yelitenda, Kaur, Barajally, Bansang, Basse, and Fatoto, or you can join a smaller fishing boat for a bit higher price yet faster travel. The ferry ticket price at the most popular transport line Banjul-Barra is D25 per person and D800 per vehicle. Check with Gambia Ferries for more info on ferry rides.


Boat trips and kayaking

You can enjoy the river by booking different boat trips (Denton Bridge, Abcass Creek, Bintang Bolong, Kuntaur, Janjanbureh, Makasutu, Tanji) or explore it with kayaks (Tanji, Janjanbureh).

  • Makasutu Park
  • Two Brother’s Sea Beauty
  • AbCa’s Creek
  • Bintang Bolong Lodge
  • Kairoh Garden Branche Kuntaur
  • Janjanburreh Tour Guide Assocciation
  • Gambia Kayaking
  • Lazy Boat trip with Charitable Note

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