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Combine your Passion for Photography with Volunteering!

My Magazine 2023/09
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Do you love travelling? Are you an avid photographer, a media production student, a professional photographer/videographer or a vlogger? Are you looking for a holiday with a purpose? Then you're on the right track!

Volunteer Trails offer many kinds of volunteering experiences. The most popular are summer camps, where volunteers to The Gambia come together as part of an early childhood development program and organise camps where children learn while having fun.

Passionate travellers who wish to experience the country in a non-traditional manner can work in the hospital, physiotherapy clinic, laboratory, dental clinic, veterinary clinic, psychiatric clinic or join environmental protection projects. You get a chance to work and connect with people in areas not set up for tourism, giving a completely different meaning to your journey.

This type of travel enables you to experience The Gambia on an entirely different level. You're no longer simply a tourist exploring famous sights, living at hotels, and getting a tan by the poolside and on beaches. Instead, you get a chance to learn the lifestyles of locals while engaging in daily routines with them. This way, you gain a deeper insight into their culture, traditions, dreams and perception of life through the eyes of the locals.

Volunteer Trails offers opportunities to travellers looking for such experiences. Photos are more compelling than words, can wake up emotions you never thought you had, and inspire you to take a step towards a holiday that will positively change your life.

With volunteering experience in photography and videography, your mission would be to showcase The Gambia through your lens. Not just the country but also its people, their stories, and the stories of the volunteers around the country. And we would like to share your perspective with the world through our social media and website.

We are collaborating with My Gambia, so you will also get a chance to work with their media team, exchange tips and knowledge of content creation, editing and might even get an opportunity to join them in their fieldwork.

All you need is your camera or phone, whatever you use to create photo and video content and a few guidelines, and you're on your way to a unique holiday.

Interested? Apply now and gear up for earth-shattering experiences!

Volunteer Trails

With the heritage of making a change in The Gambia for the past 12 years, Volunteer Trails is the creation of a new vision that will improve the quali...
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