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Gamjul Moms & Babies

My Magazine 2023/09
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Author: Fatoumata Sowe
Welcome to the world of Gamjul Moms & Babies - a beacon of hope and transformation in the realm of reproductive and maternal health. Founded in 2017, our journey commenced with a fervent mission born from personal experience – a mission that has since evolved into a profound initiative with the power to reshape the destiny of mothers and babies in The Gambia.

The origins of Gamjul are deeply rooted in the realization that the joy of childbirth was being overshadowed by the shadows of preventable tragedies. Our founder, inspired by her own childbirth journey, embarked on a mission to unveil the alarming reality that countless women were losing their lives due to the lack of access to essential maternity care. This revelation became the driving force behind the creation of Gamjul Moms & Babies, a non-profit organization registered under the laws of The Gambia since 2020.

Our team comprises dedicated individuals, including an Executive Director, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Finance Manager, Procurement Officer, Project Analyst, Consultant, Strategic Advisor, and Field Officers. Together, we form a symphony of dedication and empathy, united by an unwavering resolve.

Gamjul is not just an organization; we have united professionals in reproductive and maternal health to form the Mothers and Babies Initiative. Our objective is nothing short of profound – to give women the tools they need for superior maternal health. This amplifies the access to preventive information, essential services, and knowledge for health workers to curtail the heart-wrenching spectres of maternal and child mortality.

Our compass points us toward a world where preventable perils linked to pregnancy and childbirth no longer claim the lives of mothers and infants. By advocating for transformative programs, projects, and practices, we strive to fortify and elevate the health system, orchestrating a symphony of improvement that resonates through rural landscapes and urban centres in The Gambia.

Our mission is clear: to be the champions of maternal health care during pregnancy, threading together a tapestry of strength and quality within the health system. By embracing both the challenges and opportunities, we are driven to slash the numbers of maternal and infant mortality, leaving no corner untouched and no life unimproved.

In the heart of our vision lies a belief – a conviction that transcends words and propels us forward. We envision a Gambia where childbirth is not tainted by fear, where the joy of welcoming a new life is not tinged with sorrow. Our aspiration is a Gambia where every woman and every baby, regardless of their background or circumstances, can step into the realm of safe and appropriate childbirth.

As we weave together compassion, expertise, and determination, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Gamjul Moms & Babies is not just an organization; it's a testament to the boundless strength of the human spirit, the belief that a better world is within reach, and the collective action that makes it possible.

Photo Credits: GamJUL


Fatoumata Sowe
Founder and Executive Director, Gamjul Moms & Babies Organization
About the Author: Fatoumata Sowe is a visionary leader known for her role as the Founder and Executive Director of the Gamjul (Moms & Babies) Organization. With a passion for improving maternal health, Fatoumata has dedicated her efforts to addressing the critical issue of maternal mortality in her community. Under her guidance, the organization has made significant strides in raising awareness about maternal health, providing essential healthcare services to expectant mothers, and advocating for policy changes to enhance maternal well-being. Fatoumata's commitment to her cause is evident through the organization's impactful initiatives that have positively impacted lives. Her leadership exemplifies the potential for individuals to drive meaningful change and make a lasting impact on the health and lives of women and families. Through her work, Fatoumata Sowe continues to inspire others and create a legacy of improved maternal care and reduced maternal mortality.

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