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TRIP: Fishing Boat Trip

My Magazine 2023/09
2 min
Spend your afternoon and evening on the boat gliding on Oyster Creek to find a perfect fishing spot for an exciting experience of casting your fishing rod, even if it's your first time. Experienced anglers will give you all the needed instructions on how to fish, and we are almost certain, you will not go home empty handed!

The River Gambia is one of the most incredible jewels of our beautiful country. The country's borders are said to be determined by the reach of the boats' artillery in the past, and the whole country today follows the heart line of The River in its shape. The river is a source of life, providing a natural environment for many animals and, of course, fish, which has since encouraged people living next to the river to adopt fishing as one of the prominent livelihood activities.

Catfish, Lady fish, Butterfish, Shinny nose, and Cassava fish are just a few types of fish hiding in the river and its belonging creeks (or bolongs as they are commonly called in The Gambia). Equipped with rods and shrimp baits and, of course, professional instructors, your fishing experience starts at Denton Bridge, from where you will find a way through magnificent Oyster Creek to reach Gambia River out in the open. Masters of fishing know exactly the right spots to settle and start casting your fishing rod.

The trip is perfect for bigger groups as the boat can hold up to 40 people. You can stay below or on top of the deck to catch some sunrays on the way. The boat is equipped with a bar – offering drinks, a Bluetooth speaker for your favourite choice of music and a clean and neat toilet.

The staff is the kindest and will accommodate every wish; hoping you are having the best time ever. And the buffet meal, served on board, is mouthwatering in all its elements. Prepared with care, love and passion.

The boat trip can take up to six hours, depending on your preference. If departure time is in the afternoon, you might be lucky also to catch the astonishing sunset seen through mangroves.

And if you wonder whether you can take some of the catch back with you, the answer is yes.

So, even if you are not a fan of fishing, have never done it or want to enjoy the lazy boat trip only, you will not regret grabbing this opportunity. Make sure you book a trip with My Gambia. We will take care of everything for you!



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