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Tune In: E.N.C

My Magazine 2023/09
37 min
The Gambia is known as a small Jamaica with great Reggae and dancehall artists. E.N.C has been one of the leading names in the Gambian Music industry for the past decade. E.N.C. is an acronym for his name and surname. His full name is Essa Colley, and he was born and raised in Brikama.

He started writing songs in his early school days before he began recording. He achieved fame with his first hit song in 2005; since then, his music has become popular among young people, and his career has been on track and sailing smoothly. He is one of the best solo performers in Gambian concerts and festivals.

He is one of the most hardworking and consistent artists in the industry, and he has produced and launched significant projects. He did an opening performance for international artists like Chronixx, Beenie Manbusy Signal, Alkaline and more.

He also represented the Gambia in South America's biggest cultural festival in Venezuela and headlined his shows in many European countries in 2019. This tour was one of the most successful European tours for Gambian artists.

E.N.C is the founder of Worldvibe Entertainment, a multimedia company for music production and graphic design, which allows other industry players and young artists to develop their creative skill sets and boost their careers. He believes that supporting each other is the only way to build the music industry and that some people need a little push to make a significant impact. He believes it is very important to give young people an opportunity to encourage them in their pursuits.

E.N.C. is a successful musician and an entrepreneur who wishes to help younger ones achieve their goals. Besides singing, he is also a club D.J., graphic designer, Radio and T.V. personality, songwriter and producer of his own music.

In 2021, E.N.C. released an E.P. ˝Dark Mode˝, which did very well. The E.P. was made during the COVID-19 period, but that didn't stop the project from going forward. He revealed that this E.P. could be his biggest project since he started his music career. His launch concert was sold out, and the songs made it to several international platforms like B.B.C.

During the Covid lockdown, he couldn't go on tours, concerts or shows, so he decided to concentrate on his other professions. He began working on his E.P. and used his production and graphic design skills to work from his house and make a living. In 2020, he did the DUBPLATE SESSION for D.J.s, which paid well. Even though he lost a lot of money because of Covid-19, he benefited in other ways.

He advises the government and private sector to virtualise the system and ensure that staff can work from home when something like this occurs.

He also talks about music to attract tourists to the Gambia. He says the music industry needs to be recognised for promoting tourism because music is the fastest way to attract people to The Gambia. One can learn much about the country in a 3-minute music video clip.

E.N.C has been an ambassador for big companies in the Gambia and has also done projects with N.G.O.s on issues affecting the lives of youths and women.

He is a role model to many young people in the country. In his interview, he advises the artists to be consistent and to prepare themselves well before going into anything. Many fail because they do not have a backup plan or are unprepared for contingencies. He says the secret is in not giving up even when you fail because one failure doesn't define your greatness. It's a challenge; you must overcome it and keep pushing. There is no artist in the world who hasn't had a failed project because success and failure go hand in hand.

The Gambia is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and it is vital to use the culture of the Gambians to attract tourism, and music can be one of these means.


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