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Dunes Resort Reopens as Dunas Boutique Hotel Under A New Management

My Magazine 2024/06
3 min
Located in Kotu, the newly refurbished Dunas Boutique Hotel (previously Dunes Resort) opened its doors to the public on January 27th, 2024 under a new management. This beachfront retreat is a 4 star hotel offering a unique blend of modern comforts and traditional Gambian charm, making it the perfect destination for travellers seeking an African experience.

What sets Dunas Boutique Hotel apart is its unwavering commitment to celebrating the rich tapestry of Gambian culture. Every aspect of the hotel's renovation, from its furniture to its decor, pays homage to the country's vibrant heritage. Local artisans, including architects, carpenters, couturiers, and more, have poured their creativity into crafting furnishings that showcase the essence of Gambian craftsmanship.

The hotel boasts rooms facing the sea or lush gardens, each meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing stay. Step into any room, and you'll be greeted by the warm embrace of handcrafted pine and timber furniture, exquisitely designed to evoke a sense of rustic elegance. Hand-woven light shades cast a gentle glow, while intricately crafted baskets adorn the walls as striking works of art and strategically placed local hand-made drums add a touch of rhythm to the surroundings. The rooms come alive with bursts of colour, courtesy of vibrant African-print bedrunners, sofa runners, and cushions that add a touch of vivacity to the serene white palette.

As you venture onto the terrace, comfortable hand-crafted Bamboo chairs invite you to unwind amidst the soothing sounds of the ocean breeze, while life-sized paintings outside all rooms depicting scenes from Gambian life add an extra layer of authenticity.

Speaking of life-sized art, don't miss the paintings of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara(the first President of The Gambia) and Badara Joof (Ex Vice President of the Gambia) on the left of the reception entrance.

The heart of Dunas Boutique Hotel lies within its main courtyard, a tiled expanse adorned with locally made planters bursting with vibrant flora. At its centre stands an octagon-shaped fountain, crowned by a captivating stone sculpture depicting a mother and child—a poignant tribute to the nurturing spirit of Gambian culture.

The entrance to the hotel features bamboo pillars wrapped with fairy lights creating a magical ambience after dark.

As you enter through the glass doors into the reception area, you'll be enveloped in a sense of refined elegance. Plush sofas and African-inspired decor create an inviting atmosphere.

Indulge your senses further at the hotel's amenities, including spacious air-conditioned rooms equipped with tea and coffee facilities, a mini fridge, a hot kettle, luxurious bathrooms featuring glass shower cubicles and mirrors with inlaid lights, and a beautiful pool surrounded by sun loungers, beds and parasols for ultimate relaxation. Pool passes are available at GMD 500 per person and are exclusive of food or drinks.

A passage from the reception guides you to the pool, restaurant, and bar, offering a fascinating journey through geometric and abstract art that envelops you in a magical realm. Above, the ceiling dazzles with a black and white checkerboard pattern, adding to the corridor's enchanting ambience.

Dunas Boutique Hotel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dining and entertainment. Enjoy a delectable meal at their two in-house restaurants, sip cocktails at the beach-facing bar while lounging on swings with an uninterrupted view of the ocean, or unwind in the open-air seating area with a round of shisha under the starlit sky.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an immersive cultural experience, Dunas Boutique Hotel offers the perfect blend of comfort and authenticity.

Plan Your Next Holiday at Dunas Boutique Hotel!

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