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Community Strength: Addressing Maternal Health In Mbamorry

My Magazine 2024/07
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Mbamorry, a village in the Lower Badibou District of The Gambia, is tackling a serious public health challenge: maternal mortality. Located 18 kilometers from the nearest highway and health center, this farming community of 610 residents often struggles with limited access to healthcare services.

The Community’s Struggle

Women in Mbamorry face significant risks during pregnancy and childbirth due to the lack of local healthcare facilities. Without a health post, pharmacy, or stationed nurse, they rely on a visiting nurse who comes only once a month, making regular medical check-ups difficult.

A Vital Initiative

On June 8, 2024, the Gamjul Project for Moms and Babies launched a community sensitization program aimed at addressing these issues. This initiative focused on:
• Raising awareness about maternal mortality.
• Discussing the dangers of early marriage and teenage pregnancy.
• Highlighting the importance of regular health check-ups.
• Encouraging male involvement in maternal health.

Engaging the Community

The program engaged the villagers through:
1. Discussions: Facilitated meaningful conversations with community members.
2. Q&A Sessions: Addressed specific concerns and provided clear answers.

Identifying Problems and Solutions

The program identified key causes of maternal mortality, such as severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure, and lack of skilled birth attendants. To combat these, the program emphasized:
• Early prenatal bookings.
• Maintaining a healthy pregnancy and environment.
• Ensuring the presence of trained birth attendants.
• Educating on nutrition and hygiene.
• Promoting women's rights and girl child education.

A Hopeful Future

The sensitization program in Mbamorry raised awareness and encouraged healthier behaviours regarding maternal health. The community's commitment to applying the knowledge gained marks a significant step towards reducing maternal mortality.

As Mbamorry moves forward, this initiative will stand as a beacon of hope, showcasing the power of education and community effort in overcoming health challenges. The dedication and efforts of the villagers, supported by the Gamjul Project for Moms and Babies, promise a brighter and healthier future for the women of Mbamorry.

Contact Details

Gamjul Moms & Babies

Location: Bakoteh


T: +49 176 432 111 70/+220 797 6963

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