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APS Wallet Welcomes Dynamic New Brand Ambassadors

My Magazine 2024/07
1 min
APS Wallet is excited to announce the addition of two incredible brand ambassadors to its team: Miss Jobizz and Network Comedy! Their vibrant personalities and unwavering commitment to promoting APS Wallet were celebrated in an inspiring signing ceremony, marking a significant milestone for the brand.

About APS Wallet

APS Wallet stands at the forefront of digital innovation, offering secure and convenient financial solutions that perfectly align with modern lifestyles. With APS Wallet, financial management becomes easier and more accessible for everyone. Key features include:

  •  Receiving international transfers
  •  Sending money locally
  •  Depositing money into a savings account
  •  Topping up mobile credit
  •  Purchasing cash power
  • And much more!

APS Wallet ensures swift transactions, saves time, and simplifies financial activities, making it an indispensable tool for today's digital age.

Meet the Ambassadors

Miss Jobizz: Known for her charisma and engaging content, Miss Jobizz brings a fresh perspective to the APS Wallet community. Her enthusiasm and dedication to promoting APS Wallet promise to inspire and connect with users.

Network Comedy: With his unique humour and creativity, Network Comedy adds a fun and innovative twist to the brand. His ability to entertain while delivering important messages makes him a perfect fit for APS Wallet.

About APS International Ltd

APS International is a premier choice for international money transfers to Africa. Whether you're supporting family in The Gambia with essentials like groceries, cash power, or mobile credit top-ups from abroad, or simply sending money to yourself while on holiday in The Gambia via the APS mobile app, APS has you covered. The recent addition of APS Wallet to their suite of money transfer solutions, including free transactions within the wallet, means managing your finances has never been easier.

By integrating APS Wallet into everyday life, users can experience unparalleled convenience and security. The user-friendly interface and range of services provided by APS Wallet make it an essential financial tool for anyone looking to streamline their financial activities.

Download the APS Wallet App Today!

Ready to experience the future of financial management? Download the APS Wallet app now and join our growing community. Enjoy all transactions free of charge, with secure and convenient features at your fingertips. Managing your finances has never been easier. Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy exclusive benefits with APS Wallet. Don't miss out—get the app today and start your journey towards smarter financial solutions!

APS is dialling up the fun with a new toll-free number! Say goodbye to 1124 and give a warm welcome to 1155 for all your APS WALLET queries.


APS Wallet 

Location: Coastal Road

T: +220 355 0051/+220 228 1244


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