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APS Partners with Jigeeni Barra Association for Community Development

My Magazine 2024/05
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APS Group(APS International Money Transfer from the diaspora and APS Islamic Microfinance and APS Wallet), alongwith partners IFAD and the IMF, embarked on a journey to Barra, symbolizing their commitment to community development and empowerment. The focus of the trip was to assess the impact of ongoing initiatives and to chart the course for future collaborations. In a series of enlightening interviews, key stakeholders shed light on the transformative journey of the Jigeeni Barra Association, empowered by the unwavering support of APS and its partners.

Kaddija Badjie, representing APS's Business Development and Marketing division, reaffirmed APS's dedication to the betterment of every woman in Barra. She emphasized APS's history of collaboration with the Jigeeni Barra Association and reiterated their commitment to supporting women's empowerment initiatives. Badjie expressed keen interest in understanding the progress made since their last engagement and outlined plans for future collaboration, underscoring APS's proactive approach to community development.

Hoja Ndure, the PRO of Jigeeni Barra, commended APS for its steadfast support, particularly highlighting their financial contributions towards training programs. Ndure emphasized the tangible impact of APS's support, citing instances such as sponsoring children's education and providing material support during significant community events. This support, he noted, has been instrumental in uplifting the community and fostering a sense of empowerment among its members.

Isatou Bittaye, a participant from Jigeeni Barra, shared her personal journey of transformation facilitated by APS's training initiatives. Before the training, securing meaningful employment was a challenge for Bittaye and her fellow community members. However, through APS's interventions, they acquired skills in processing natural products like 'Super cereal,' thereby creating sustainable economic opportunities within the community.

Halima Faal, another member of Jigeeni Barra, echoed Bittaye's sentiments, emphasizing the invaluable knowledge gained through training sessions. Faal highlighted the diversification of skills, including juice making, which has not only broadened their horizons but also empowered them to explore new avenues of economic growth.

Looking towards the future, Hoja Ndure underscored the community's need for a transformation center, emphasizing its significance in enhancing food processing capabilities. Additionally, Ya Saye Ceesay Sohna, the Vice President of Jigeeni Barra, emphasized the need for financial assistance and infrastructure support to sustain and expand the community's initiatives.

In summary, APS's trip to Barra epitomizes a collaborative effort towards sustainable community development and empowerment. Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, APS continues to make significant strides in improving the lives of many Gambians. As they forge ahead, APS remains committed to nurturing partnerships that foster growth, empower communities, and create lasting change.

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