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Responsible Tourism Practices and Cultural Heritage Management Workshop

My Magazine 2023/10
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The Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia (ITTOG) and The Heritage Management Organization (HERITAGE) will be conducting a two-day dynamic workshop from 23rd to 25th January 2024 at Sindola Safari Lodge (located in the village of Kanilai in the Foni district - about 2 hours’ drive from the airport).

This workshop aims to illuminate the dynamic relationship between responsible tourism and cultural heritage management, offering a transformative journey into their synergistic potential.

This first conference workshop is customized for a diverse audience, including National Assembly Members, Senior Executives in the tourism and heritage sectors, Government officials, and international participants.

Notable Speakers

  • Dr Adama Bah - Chairman of the Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia (ITTOG)
  • Dr Evangelos Kyriakidis - Director of The Heritage Management Organisation (HERITAGE)
  • Dr Harold Goodwin - Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism
  • Mr. Baba Ceesay - Former NCAC Director General
  • Ms Lucy McCombes - Responsible Tourism Expert

Workshop Fees

International Participants: 600 USD
National participants: 25,000 GMD

The workshop fee includes:

  • Tuition and materials
  • 3 nights accommodation (full board)
  • Bus transfer to and from the venue

Participants will gain practical tools to encourage community involvement, drive sustainable progress, and conserve cultural heritage.

The course explores how effective cultural heritage management nurtures responsible tourism practices.

By uniting cultural heritage preservation and management with responsible tourism principles, communities are empowered, sustainable growth is cultivated, and the genuine presentation of Gambian heritage is ensured.

Alongside your stay, discover the best of The Gambia through our curated adventures, from river safaris to cultural immersions. Make your workshop trip unforgettable with My Gambia.


Find more information about the workshop in the brochure:


For any inquiries or assistance, please contact us:

T: +220 7701330
T: +220 9917343

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