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MADE IN THE GAMBIA: Ninki Nanka Trail Board Game

My Magazine 2023/10
2 min
Ninki Nanka – the words you must have come across already if you have visited My Gambia page more than once. It is a mystical creature believed to reside in the creeks of the River Gambia—a beast that can bring sickness and death but also fortune to a worthy person. It is said to possess great wisdom and power, and now you can hold a part of it without encountering the Beast of the Bolongs while trying to collect the gemstone embedded on its forehead.

The legend of the Ninki Nanka was an inspiration for a magnificent travel product – The Ninki Nanka Trail, which is taking curious explorers, ready to feel and learn about the culture of The Gambia, on a journey through upcountry regions while visiting village communities and being part of their daily lives.

Furthermore, Ninki Nanka was also the inspiration behind the new product by Make3D Company Limited - the first 3D printed board game - developed to support local manufacturers and use 3D printing technology as a powerful tool to make an impact.

The game is similar to Ludo, but players have to toss dice to move around the map of The Gambia and collect artefacts on some sites along the trail. Its impact has been recognized by international organizations, industry leaders and experts.

While playing this game, you will have fun, learn about Gambia's history and traditions, and virtually travel throughout The Gambia as if you were part of the real Ninki Nanka Trail adventure.

The game allows you to get to know the most important sites of The Gambia and their locations and learn about their importance while having fun with your friends or co-travellers. If you embark on a real-life adventure, the board game will bring back beautiful memories after you move your action figure on the fields, collect artefacts and play action cards to win the game and save little Omar's life.

Who is Omar, you may ask? You can get the answer by reading the background story of Ninki Nanka, which is a beautiful introduction to the board game.

My Gambia Team loves this product. We played it with our travellers in the evenings during our expedition on the Ninki Nanka Trails. It is a wonderful way for our keen explorers to renew the knowledge that was shared with them by our brilliant guides and learn about kora, Stone Circles, Kankurang, Kunta Kinteh Island, drums, Gambian homes and other significant icons representing The Gambia.

Ninki Nanka Trail Board Game is now available at My Gambia office, on the second floor of Hendon Court Complex in Senegambia. Stop by and check out other Made in The Gambia products. Support local entrepreneurs and companies by purchasing the most genuine souvenirs. And yes, book your Ninki Nanka Trail trip. We promise you won't regret it!



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