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Transforming Lives with Mobility: Edrissa's Story

My Magazine 2024/06
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Recently, the Alkalo of Kerewan Samba Sira village sent us a video that deeply moved us. It featured a young man named Edrissa, who, unable to walk, propelled himself across the ground using his hands. His determination was heart-wrenching, but his struggle was unmistakable. We knew we had to help him.

Immediately, we forwarded the video to the founder of the NGO caring4mobility, knowing of their mission to assist those in desperate need of mobility aids but unable to afford them. We hoped to purchase a wheelchair for Edrissa but learned that the NGO doesn't sell wheelchairs. Instead, they rely solely on donations to provide help.

Moved by Edrissa's plight, caring4mobility swiftly responded. They contacted the Alkalo and assured him that during their next road trip, they would visit Kerewan Samba Sira to assess Edrissa’s condition. True to their word, in less than two weeks, while on one of their trips, the team stopped in Kerewan Samba Sira and presented Edrissa with a wheelchair.

The moment Edrissa received the wheelchair was pure magic. Though initially unfamiliar with the device, he quickly learned to manoeuvre it, his face lighting up as he experienced newfound independence. But this story doesn't end here.

Upon closer inspection, the NGO representatives discovered that Edrissa's living conditions were dire. He slept on the bare floor, without even a mat for comfort, and his clothes were in tatters. Motivated by his circumstances, they soon returned with a bed, a mattress, bedding, clothes, towels, toiletries, a 50 kg bag of rice, a 20-litre bottle of oil, and a tray of eggs to ensure his basic needs were met.

caring4mobility's dedication extends far beyond individual cases. On a three-day field trip, covering 1,021 kilometres, they visited 30 clients of all ages, assessing their needs and providing mobility aids. Their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of the disabled in The Gambia is truly commendable.

At My Gambia, we are deeply impressed by the swift and compassionate actions of caring4mobility. Their journey to Kerewan Samba Sira and the comprehensive support they provided Edrissa exemplify the incredible impact they are making. These unsung heroes are transforming lives, one act of kindness at a time.

caring4mobility (C4M) The Gambia is a foundation registered in the Netherlands and The Gambia. It lends medical equipment to children and adults such as wheelchairs, various types of crutches, walking sticks, canes, rollators, chairs, walking frames, toilet chairs etc. It can be for short-term or long-term. They also rent equipment out to non-Gambians (tourists/foundations/organisations) and expatriates in need. Sometimes they also provide physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

If Edrissa’s story has touched your heart, please consider supporting caring4mobility. Your donations can help provide essential items and mobility aids to those in need. Together, we can bring hope and independence to many more lives.

caring4mobility uses PayPal and WAVE but also has bank accounts in The Gambia and The Netherlands.

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Location: Tujereng

M: caring4mobility

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