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Tipping in The Gambia: A Gesture of Appreciation

My Magazine 2024/07
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In the vibrant and hospitable culture of The Gambia, tipping is more than a monetary transaction—it's an expression of appreciation. Whether dining in a local restaurant, enjoying the luxurious amenities of a hotel, or exploring the country's scenic beauty with a tour guide, tipping practices reflect the value of service received and support those who make your experience memorable.

Here's a comprehensive guide to tipping in The Gambia, ensuring you leave a positive impact on those who make your stay memorable.

In Restaurants:

Tipping is an integral part of dining out whether in The Gambia or anywhere else in the world. In The Gambia, waiting staff often rely heavily on tips due to their modest wages. A standard tip of 10-15% of the bill is customary. This small gesture not only rewards good service but also contributes significantly to the livelihood of those serving you.

In Hotels:

Hotels offer an array of services designed to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Tipping hotel staff appropriately ensures that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

Porters: When porters assist with your luggage, tipping around GMD100-200 is a generous acknowledgement of their effort.

Housekeeping: A clean and well-kept room is essential for a pleasant stay. Leaving GMD100-200 per day or GMD1000 per week for housekeeping staff (typically at the end of your stay) is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. 

Concierge: If the concierge provides special services, a tip of GMD100-200 is fitting.

Tour Guides and Taxi Drivers:

Exploring The Gambia with a knowledgeable tour guide can enrich your experience significantly. Similarly, taxi drivers ensure you reach your destinations safely and efficiently.

Tour Guides: For a half-day tour, tipping around GMD400-800 is standard, while a full-day tour merits a tip of GMD800-1000.

Taxi Drivers: Tipping taxi drivers is less common, but rounding up the fare or adding a small amount (GMD 20-50) for excellent service is a kind gesture.

Spas and Salons:

Pampering yourself at a spa or salon in The Gambia? A tip of 10-15% for these services is a kind way to show your appreciation for the professionals who help you unwind and rejuvenate.


When enjoying a drink at a local bar, leaving small change(GMD 20-50) or rounding up the bill also shows appreciation for good service.

Useful Tips for Tipping:

  • Local Currency: It’s best to tip in Gambian Dalasi (GMD) to avoid any inconvenience for the recipient.
  • Discreet Tipping: Hand the tip discreetly to the person providing the service, often in an envelope for housekeeping or directly for other services.
  • Service Quality: Base your tip on the quality of service received. Excellent service warrants a higher tip.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be respectful and polite when offering a tip. While tipping is appreciated, it should not be seen as obligatory if the service does not warrant it.

By understanding and respecting the local tipping customs, you contribute positively to the local economy and your gestures are both meaningful and well-received. Your generosity will not only enhance your own experience but also support the hardworking individuals who contribute to the charm and hospitality of this wonderful country.

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