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Reflecting Glamour: Mirrored's Grand Debut!

My Magazine 2024/05
3 min
Are you ready for a beacon of elegance and sophistication which redefines luxury and wellness in The Gambia? Mirrored - The House of Aesthetics and Wellness, opened on the 1st of May, is poised to revolutionize the local beauty scene, setting new standards and elevating experiences for all who step through its doors.

Mirrored is a full-service beauty salon, spa, retail, and wellness centre. It is staffed with highly skilled professionals who offer top-quality services that will exceed your expectations. Their team includes licensed doctors, nurses, and certified beauty professionals who are expertly trained in the latest aesthetic treatments and technologies to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Spanning 4 floors, this venture promises to bring a new experience to the Gambian market, merging local, continental, and international expertise with advanced equipment.

Mirrored unveils an array of services designed to cater to every facet of beauty and relaxation. From unisex hair cutting and styling to intricate braiding, manicures, pedicures, and an extensive range of nail services, the salon promises to pamper and rejuvenate. But that's just the beginning; the menu also boasts makeup artistry, eyelash extensions, eyebrow sculpting, massage therapy, waxing, henna applications, and much more, ensuring that every client emerges feeling beautiful.

The allure of Mirrored extends far beyond its service offerings. The striking exterior features sleek mirror panels hinting at the opulence within. Inside, a palette of black, gold, white, and grey sets the tone for a luxurious experience. Gilt-edged mirrors are strategically placed throughout the building, allowing every customer to see what they love about themselves and what they would like to change.

Clad in sleek black uniforms featuring the Mirrored logo, staff members move gracefully and professionally, ensuring every customer is attended to.

Mirrored offers an elegant, relaxing atmosphere where customers can unwind, chat and indulge in pampering sessions. The Mini Cafe provides you with snacks and beverages, and guests and customers can indulge in a game of chess as they wait.

Customers can also peruse through high-quality skincare products, makeup, and perfumes for sale in their retail outlet on the ground floor.

Mirrored owners

Maryam Sherif: Co-Founder & CEO
Saikou Sawo: Co-Founder
Yayeh Dukuly : President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Shomari Weedor: Co-President & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Maryam's journey to opening Mirrored, her dream salon, began with a desire to bring a touch of luxury and pampering to The Gambia. Having always dreamed of owning her salon, Maryam was inspired by her experiences of indulging in spas during her travels abroad. Disappointed by the lack of similar experiences in The Gambia, she shared her frustrations with her husband Saikou, who encouraged her to create the kind of upscale experience she craved.

When Maryam stumbled upon a stunning glass building on YouTube, she knew she had found the perfect location for her salon. With four floors to work with, she envisioned creating a multi-level oasis where women could indulge in beauty treatments and retail therapy. Drawing on her expertise in branding and marketing, Maryam named her venture Mirrored, symbolizing self-reflection and self-love.

Maryam and her husband Saikou (who has his own business in the US) designed the blueprint and partnered with Maryam's friend Yayeh (who owns several spas in her hometown, Philadelphia) for guidance. Shomari, the fourth business partner, is also a successful entrepreneur in the US. Together, Maryam, Saikou, Yayeh and Shomari were able to bring this large vision to life.

Employing over thirty people, Maryam aims to provide jobs and career opportunities for young people in the community to build careers in the beauty industry.

Maryam's long-term goal is to expand Mirrored throughout Africa, bringing her vision of luxury and excellence to even more people and potentially franchise it. With a strong team of entrepreneurs backing her, she ensures their branding and aesthetics are impeccable, even down to their towels and water bottles.

With extended hours on weekdays and open on Sundays, Mirrored aims to be a beauty haven that is easily accessible to those working full-time.

Mirrored is more than a spa; it's a vision of beauty, growth, and community in The Gambia and beyond.

Contact Details

Mirrored - The House of Aesthetics & Wellness

T: +220 228 9291
WA +220 2289291


Location: C74G+35X Brusubi
(Close to the Turn Table on the left side if coming from Senegambia and heading in the direction of Africmed)

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