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Creating a Magical World - Progress

My Magazine 2024/03
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
In partnership with Kasumai Real Estate and MASThave Architecture from Austria, IN·US has designed a remarkable building project called the Bitcoin Tower K2 - The Gambia. This iconic building will not only stand out as a landmark in the country, but it will also symbolize progress and innovation. The business apartments in the Bitcoin Tower are more than just spaces for living and working. They serve as hubs for exchange, community, and growth. Forward-thinking individuals will gather here to share ideas and explore new opportunities.

There have been many developments since the construction of Bitcoin Tower K2 began in The Gambia. For the first time, a rock crystal grid was placed beneath the foundation slab, and a ceremony for geomantic heart point activation was carried out to optimize the grounding of the building. With its unique 1.40m thick foundation slab, the construction team laid the foundation stone for a building that will be far more than just a shining symbol of Gambia's commitment to the Bitcoin movement.

Concreting the Foundation

The basis of this pioneering project was a total of 60 hours of continuous concreting work. This task was particularly challenging, especially during the night shift, where maintaining employee motivation was crucial. The project required new teams to be deployed in the middle of the night to ensure its successful completion. Moreover, maintaining an uninterrupted supply of concrete was essential to guarantee a seamless bond in the foundation slab and an even force transfer. Delivering materials during the night shift was also a challenge. Despite these hurdles, we were able to complete the foundation within our quality standards, achieving a significant milestone in the construction project.

During February, the construction of the building made significant progress. The first ceiling of the 3rd basement floor was successfully concreted, and work is continuing at a steady pace. The construction team has set a goal to erect the supporting structure of one floor every month, and they have been demonstrating their commitment and efficiency in achieving this goal. Currently, the team is focusing on the formwork for the second intermediate ceiling, and they are using professional formwork material on the site, which represents a significant step forward in the construction industry for The Gambia. As a result, the construction site has become a symbol of progress and change.

Progress, Peace, and Prosperity

In The Gambia, you can sense the excitement as the country moves toward progress, peace, and prosperity during this time of change. The true heroes of this story will be the Gambian people, who, through their determination, cohesion, and unwavering belief in a better future, will make their country thrive. You can see hope and confidence reflected in the beaming smiles of the Gambians, who firmly believe their homeland is where dreams can become reality. The Gambia is a shining example to the rest of the world that values such as progress, peace, and prosperity are not just empty words but real possibilities that can transform the lives of millions of people.

To accurately document and capture the development of this ground-breaking project, the international artist known as TIMESTAMP is set to produce a unique digital NFT collection on the TEZOS blockchain throughout the construction process. The artist will create at least six new artworks each month, resulting in a beautifully crafted artistic storyline that will capture the genesis of this innovative project. The initial pieces of this art series have already been created.

What makes this project so unique is not only its technical innovation but also the commitment and dedication of the workers. They have formed a strong team that is fully committed to the project, putting their heart and soul into it. They feel the unique energy of this project and are aware that the Bitcoin Tower will be a remarkable building for The Gambia. It is time to become part of this movement and write your own story of prosperity and change. The Bitcoin Tower stands as a symbol of progress, ready to fulfil the dreams of the people of The Gambia and beyond. Be a pioneer in this global revolution and help shape the future. Your time is now - seize it and make your dreams come true.

My insider tip of the month for The Gambia!

On the first Monday of every month, the Bitcoin Gambia community, which is steadily growing, meets on the breakfast terrace of the Kasumai Hotel at 5:00 pm. As they gather amidst the pleasant evening breeze and soothing sound of the sea, the atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm and optimism. Watching the community grow and welcoming new members with each gathering is genuinely inspiring.

It is incredibly encouraging to see the youth in Gambia showing a strong interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, as the only truly decentralized currency. They view the world of cryptocurrencies as a technological innovation and an opportunity to achieve financial independence and build their own businesses using Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Gambia community is supporting their endeavours. For them, Bitcoin is not just a currency but a gateway to new opportunities and perspectives.

At these meetings, people exchange ideas, discuss business opportunities related to Bitcoin, and make plans for the future. It's a place for learning, sharing, and mutual encouragement. The Bitcoin Gambia team is available for technical support and is happy to advise and support members. In addition to providing information about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the team also fosters a spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Every meeting takes us one step closer to achieving a common goal of progress and prosperity for The Gambia and its people. It is a time to celebrate the possibilities and remind us that the path to the future is paved through collaborative efforts and mutual support.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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