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Lisa's Appartments: Meet the Team

My Magazine 2024/03
3 min
Lisa's Appartments—a sanctuary where hospitality meets warmth, and every guest feels like family. At the heart of this haven are the owners, Lisa and Sulo, and their dedicated staff, each with their own story to tell. So let's start with Lisa's and her husband Sulo's story, and then we move on to the other heroes behind the scenes.

Lisa and Sulo's journey to The Gambia is about love, resilience, and pursuing a dream. It all began in 2013 when they first set foot in this captivating country for a holiday. What was meant to be a brief 9-day holiday turned into a deep-seated affection for the place, its people, and its stunning natural beauty. Over the years, their visits became more frequent, with stays of up to a month twice a year. However, in 2019, when Sulo expressed his desire to move to The Gambia permanently, Lisa wasn't ready. She had a promising career at a daycare office in the Netherlands, where she had worked for over two decades and had just completed her master's degree to become a manager.

However, the pull of The Gambia's people and nature proved too strong to resist. In 2021, the couple took a leap of faith, selling their possessions and relocating to The Gambia, which had already become their second home by then. Upon arrival, they faced the daunting task of deciding on a venture. After much contemplation, they settled on self-catering apartments and purchased a plot of land in Kololi in March 2022. Their hard work and determination paid off when, in December 2022, they welcomed their first guests to Lisa's Appartments.

Sulo's relentless dedication to their dream saw the rapid transformation of their property. Currently, he is working on completing the restaurant on the premises, a project that symbolizes their unwavering commitment to their new life. Lisa and Sulo have no regrets about their decision. They have forged strong bonds with the local community and have found fulfilment in helping others. As they enter their second season, they are grateful for the many guests who return, drawn back by the warm hospitality and charm of Lisa's Apartments.

Meet Omar, the Day Watchman, a stalwart guardian of Lisa's Apartments. With a year-long tenure, Omar's journey with the establishment began as the Night Watchman. However, driven by his desire to spend more time with his wife and daughter, he switched to day duty. Hailing from Tujereng, quite a distance away from Kololi, Omar's commitment to his job knows no bounds. His day begins at the crack of dawn, starting his shift at 7 am, and ends with the setting sun at 7 pm. From Saturdays to Wednesdays, Omar is a silent yet amiable presence, beloved by all who cross his path.

As night falls, the torch is passed to Noxy, the Night Watchwoman—a beacon of energy and enthusiasm. Flexible and single, Noxy hails from Tipper Garage, conveniently close to Lisa's Apartments. Her shift commences at 7 pm, guarding the premises until the break of dawn at 7 am. Guests are captivated by her warmth and genuine friendliness, making her a cherished member of the Lisa's Apartments family. On the days when Omar takes his well-deserved rest, Noxy seamlessly transitions into the role of the Day Watchwoman, ensuring the continuity of safety and care for the guests.

Amidst the bustling activity, Therese quietly weaves her magic, ensuring every corner of Lisa's Apartments is clean. Working diligently three times a week during low occupancy and six times during busy periods, Therese's dedication knows no bounds. From 9 am to 1 pm, she tirelessly tends to her duties, all while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood. With three children relying on her, Therese works hard, with a second job as a waitress in the evenings. Despite her challenges, her smile never falters, and her warmth envelops everyone she encounters.

At Lisa's Apartments, it's not just a place to stay—it's a home away from home, crafted with care by the dedicated individuals who form its beating heart. From the silent vigilance of Omar to the infectious energy of Noxy and the unwavering dedication of Therese, each staff member contributes to the tapestry of hospitality that defines Lisa's Apartments.

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Lisa's Appartments

Tel: +220 249 9996

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