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Mboka: Uniting for African Liberation Day

My Magazine 2024/06
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The Mboka, established in The Gambia in 2017, carries the profound slogan "One Family, One Africa." In Wollof, "Mboka" translates to "One Family," embodying the festival's spirit of unity and togetherness. The festival was founded and coordinated by three internationally acclaimed organizations, each led by dynamic personalities who have been at the forefront of creating groundbreaking programs and events for over 25 years.

Last month, Mboka once again organized an event and this time it was to commemorate the African Liberation Day on May 25, 2024, at St. Augustine Senior Secondary School in Banjul.

The event featured prominent figures such as Dr. Adama Bah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ITTOG, Hon Halifa Sallah - Politician and Pan Africanist, Ya Malleh Jagne - Creative Writer, Copywriter and Brand Strategist, Gambian Hip Hop artist Killa Ace and Ajaratou Cham - Poet. These distinguished speakers addressed issues like colonization and slavery, unanimously advocating for the removal of borders within Africa to achieve unity and solidarity.

Earlier this year the Mboka Festival organized a remarkable two-day event with support from the Commonwealth Foundation and in partnerships with various organizations such as ITTOG, No Woman Left Behind, the Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare, the West African Insurance Institute, the Gambia Women's Chamber of Commerce (GWCC), the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), People & Places (Responsible Volunteering), and My Gambia. The event aimed to celebrate International Women's Day and address critical issues facing young Gambian women, such as early marriage and pregnancies.

The celebration took the form of an organized conference featuring a variety of activities, including poetry readings, exhibitions, discussions on early marriage and its impacts, the Baa Naa Dingo (Mother and Child) talk, and sessions on undernourishment and its effects. These activities highlighted the challenges and triumphs of women in The Gambia, offering a platform for advocacy and empowerment.

Musufing Whyles, Mboka's Assistant Coordinator, emphasized the event's purpose of encouraging young people to explore different mediums, fostering advocacy, informing girls and women about their rights, and promoting The Gambia. Whyles noted that Mboka is making significant strides in supporting women in the country, providing them with opportunities and a voice to share their stories.

The Mboka Festival continues to be a beacon of cultural celebration and social advocacy, uniting diverse communities under the banner of "One Family, One Africa" and driving positive change throughout The Gambia and beyond.

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