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Creating a Magical World - Hope

My Magazine 2024/04
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Author: Angelika Mitterer
As spring arrives, nature awakens to new life, and the hope of change and new beginnings is also in the air. This year, spring symbolizes liberation from the shackles of old structures and the start of a time full of new possibilities and fresh energy amidst global change. It is a time of awakening when nature unfurls its colourful splendour, and the first delicate buds stretch toward the light. In this context, our IN·US agricultural project in The Gambia is like a seed just beginning to sprout and promising a blossoming future.

Spring is the time of new beginnings when nature reinvents itself and sets off for new horizons. Similarly, our IN·US agricultural project is about to embark on an exciting journey into the future. As the first steps are taken and the foundations are laid, confidence and determination are spreading. It is a departure towards new opportunities, sustainable business, and an improved quality of life for the people of The Gambia. With each passing day, the anticipation of what may come grows, and the IN·US agricultural project is ready to take on these challenges with passion and commitment.

The IN·US Agricultural Project - Sustainability and Circular Economy

The Gambia is rich in natural resources and cultural diversity. However, several communities in the country face challenges regarding food security and economic stability. This is where the IN·US agricultural project brings about a significant positive change for the future.

Our approach is based on holistic and innovative agricultural methods. We have brought together experts and agronomists to implement sustainable and ecological practices that increase yields while protecting the environment. We consider every detail with precision and sustainability in mind, from introducing state-of-the-art irrigation systems to efficient agricultural machinery.

Our project is centred around sustainability and the circular economy. We focus on long-term project structures as well as short-term profits. The introduction of ecologically sound cultivation methods, the use of renewable energies, the inclusion of innovative approaches in agriculture, and the promotion of biodiversity are just a few examples of our commitment to protecting our planet.

We employ various techniques such as sound agriculture, electroculture, and Vastu to enhance the energetic balance of our agricultural land and boost crop yields without relying on additional fertilizers. These positive vibrations and frequencies aid plant growth and foster a tranquil atmosphere for humans and nature.

Strengthening the Community

We also see it as our social responsibility to build strong community ties. Sustainable agriculture goes hand in hand with strengthening the community. Through training programs that introduce the local population to sustainable agriculture, we create jobs and promote awareness of current environmental issues. The IN·US agricultural project is more than just an initiative - it is a community project that brings people together and works for a better future.

With this joint project, we can combine the knowledge of plants, biodiversity, and nature in The Gambia with a sustainable and ecological economic sector. This creates a win-win situation for the local population, adds value to our community, and safeguards local nature conservation.

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the country's economic stability and food security by building skills, increasing awareness, and promoting the emotional dimension. By creating new and sustainable sources of income and improving agricultural productivity, we are working towards a self-reliant and stable food supply for the country. This will ensure the future social peace in the Gambia.

A Stable Food Supply

A stable food supply is a crucial objective that can be attained through the hope of sustainable and productive agriculture in The Gambia. Ensuring sufficient food for the population is an economic necessity and a social obligation. The people of The Gambia hope that their nation will overcome the challenges of food shortages and ensure a healthy, balanced diet for all citizens.

Examining the role of hope in agriculture in The Gambia, it becomes evident that this emotion is not just an individual feeling but can also serve, in general, as a driving force for positive change in the country. People hope their investments and efforts in Gambian agriculture will lay the foundation for a prosperous future. By combining hope, innovation, and community action, the people of The Gambia can pave the way for an independent and stable food supply.

The Healing Effects of Plants

The first steps have been taken, and the IN·US agricultural project is now on a promising path. The construction of the infrastructure, including the farm building, is underway, and the first seedlings have been successfully grown. The experimentation and discovery phase has begun, wherein everything is being tried to determine which plants thrive best and what yields can be achieved. Another essential component of this project involves investigating the healing properties of plants and medicinal herbs. For instance, Artemisia Annua holds significant value in The Gambia as a natural remedy for malaria. Moreover, various tree leaves contain therapeutic properties that can be effectively utilized in The Gambia. By integrating these aspects into agricultural practices, the project aims to improve community health and well-being and achieve economic success.

Our innovative project is more than just an agricultural endeavour. It's a living example of how financial, social, and environmental sustainability, along with sound farming practices, Vastu, and emotional connection, can transform a nation. Although our journey isn't complete yet, we are hopeful and firmly believe that this project won't be only about growing plants but also about paving the way for cohesive communities to flourish.

I warmly invite you to join us on this exciting journey in agriculture. We are thrilled about everyone who wants to participate in our exceptional project.

My Insider Tip of the Month in The Gambia!

Saraba, The Healing Garden is a serene oasis in the vibrant landscape near Kartong, in Southern Gambia. The garden's beauty extends beyond its external appearance and touches the souls of those who visit it. It is a place where people gather to experience the healing power of nature and explore alternative healing methods. The garden serves not only as a physical retreat but also as a source of inner rejuvenation.

Eva is a therapist from Germany who has devoted herself tirelessly to creating an environment that nourishes the body, mind, and soul equally. Surrounded by lush plants and fragrant flowers, Saraba offers a range of treatments and therapies that aim to penetrate the deepest layers of our being and promote a sense of harmony.

But Saraba is more than just a place of healing—it is a place of learning and growth. Eva's workshops provide a wealth of knowledge on organic farming, alternative healing methods, and therapies. Guests can benefit from both physical and mental healing and gain a deeper appreciation for the connection between humans and nature.

At Saraba, visitors can also participate in meditations that, like gentle waves, soothe their souls, creating a deep sense of serenity. In addition to physical healing, Saraba offers nourishment for the soul—a truly transformative experience that resonates in people's hearts long after leaving.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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