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Volunteers Needed To Join Summer Camp

My Magazine 2024/06
2 min
Next month marks the beginning of our traditional summer camp at Kids Are The World nursery school in Ghana Town, Brufut. We've had 10 years (with a Covid exception) of creating unforgettable memories and educational experiences for children!

Since its inception in 2014, the summer camp has blossomed into a vibrant tradition, thanks to our sponsor and volunteer, Amir Crnojević, and students of special pedagogy, who initiated the idea. Ever since then we have been organizing free summer camps for children.

What started as a three-week adventure has grown into a robust program now divided into three teams—Summer Camp 1, 2, and 3—running from mid-July to the end of September.

This year, we are thrilled to welcome 35 dedicated volunteers from Europe who will contribute their skills across various fields, including kindergarten, photography, graphic design, cultural heritage, hospital work, environmental protection, psychology, village volunteering, laboratory work, physiotherapy, and more.

We have been hosting the summer camp at Kids Are The World Nursery School since 2018. Built with the support of volunteers and donors, this centre now offers free education to over 100 children from surrounding villages, thanks to the generosity of sponsors. During the summer camps, the centre also welcomes children aged 4 to 8 who do not have the opportunity to attend school or regular kindergarten classes during the school year.

Enriching Activities for Young Minds

Our volunteers diligently prepare a variety of activities emphasizing sports and creativity—experiences that these children rarely receive during regular classes. In a relaxed and creative environment, children gain new knowledge, experiences, and friendships that they carry with them long after the camp ends.

A Meal for Every Child

Before the summer camp begins, our volunteers work tirelessly to collect donations, ensuring we can provide meals for all camp participants. Many of the children's parents struggle to provide regular meals for their families, making these organized meals essential. Malnutrition is a widespread issue in the village, and for many, a piece of bread with fruit from our camp can mean an extra meal they wouldn't otherwise have.

How You Can Help

€10 is enough to provide one meal a day for one child for an entire month. If you can contribute, even a small amount, it will make a significant difference. Your donation can help us not only provide meals but also organize trips or parties, offering the children an unforgettable experience.

Every euro counts, and with your support, we can create a brighter future for these children.

Can you join the summer camp for a day or a week?

Absolutely! We offer opportunities for short-term volunteering. You can join our groups and assist with the summer camp program, or you can help with tree planting, computer or music classes for kids, painting the walls of the school premises, and so much more.

Programs are for everyone! Solo travellers, families, retirees, couples—you are all welcome!

Follow Our Journey

We will be sharing photos and videos from the summer camp on our social media channels and going live directly from the village. Follow us to stay updated on all our activities and see the impact of your contributions:

Facebook: Volunteer Trails
Instagram: volunteertrails

Donation Information

To contribute via bank transfer, please use these account details:

Country code: GM

It starts with me, it starts with you.

Thank you for caring and helping us make a difference.

If you are interested in joining, kindly reach out to

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