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Easter Celebrations in The Gambia

My Magazine 2024/03
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Easter in The Gambia is a vibrant and unique celebration that reflects the country's rich cultural heritage and religious diversity. Despite being a Muslim-majority country, Easter holds great significance and is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy by Christians as well as non-Christians.

Easter in The Gambia

This year, Easter will occur on Sunday, March 31st, 2024.

Schools, public institutions, and some stores in the country have been closed since Wednesday, March 27th, as Christians observe their 40-day fast until Friday. Subsequently, they devote themselves to prayer and visiting churches from Friday to Monday.

This religious tolerance and atmosphere of peace are long-standing in the country, attributed to efforts fostering camaraderie and love among Gambians, irrespective of ethnic differences. The high level of religious tolerance is a point of pride for us.

For many Gambians, Easter is a time for reflection, prayer, and spending time with family and loved ones. Churches across the country host special services and events, including Easter Sunday mass and sunrise services, where worshippers gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Easter festivities in The Gambia commenced with Ash Wednesday on February 14th, marking the start of the Lent season. On this day, Christians attend church services where ashes from the previous year's Palm Sunday palms are smeared on their foreheads as a sign of penance and reflection.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Easter in The Gambia is its special association with the baobab fruit. The baobab tree, an iconic African symbol, bears fruit used in a traditional Easter drink called Naan Mburu. This refreshing beverage, made from baobab powder, milk, sugar, condensed milk, dried fruit, chopped apples, and bananas, creates a unique and delicious flavor enjoyed during the Easter festivities. Families often share it with relatives, neighbors, and friends as a form of giving alms. Dyeing Easter eggs is not common in The Gambia.

Good Friday is a solemn day in The Gambia, observed with the traditional beating of Judas. An effigy of Judas, made from sackcloth and old clothing, is displayed and then beaten with sticks and clubs as a symbolic punishment for his betrayal of Jesus. This ritual serves as both a religious observance and a cathartic release for pent-up spiritual emotions.

Churches organize various Easter competitions on Saturdays and bless people with holy water, which they take home to bless their food and living space. This is an ancient purification ritual.

Easter Sunday is a day of celebration and feasting in The Gambia, with families coming together to enjoy a meal of rice balls steamed and served with the baobab drink. This meal, unique to The Gambia and parts of Senegal, is a cherished tradition passed down through generations.

As Easter Monday approaches, the festivities continue with more food, music, and dancing as people relax and enjoy the holiday with their loved ones.

One special aspect of Easter celebrations in The Gambia is the appearance of The Fairy during festive occasions. The Fairy is a ceremonial entertainment mask among the Aku ethnic group, strongly associated with Christian rites and ceremonies.

The Fairy's beauty lies not only in its costume but also in the music accompanying the performance. You can witness fairies performing in Banjul or the Serekunda areas during Christmas, New Year, and Easter celebrations.

For those seeking to experience the cultural side of Easter in The Gambia, numerous opportunities exist. Local markets are bustling with activity in the days leading up to Easter, with vendors selling colourful fabrics, traditional clothing, and handicrafts. It's an excellent time to pick up souvenirs to remember your Easter in The Gambia.

Where to celebrate when in The Gambia

Many hospitality outfits are organizing special events during Easter, providing ample opportunities to experience Easter in The Gambia fully. Here are some ideas on where to go:


May the Easter celebration be merry, satisfactory, and full of sunshine and laughter for all who celebrate! May it strengthen the belief in kindness that never ends!

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