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Be more innovative, gradually increase bookings, stand out from the competition and gain wider exposure in the Gambian Tourism industry with My Gambia Business Package.
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Welcome to our digital and innovative platform where you will increase the bookings, stand out from the competition and gain wider exposure in the Gambian Tourism industry.
Explore why your company should be part of  My Gambia Business Package. 


We are an international, multicultural and multilingual team with many years of experience in tourism/hospitality, marketing and media production. 

Our aim is that The Gambia becomes a well-known whole year-round destination for all types of travellers and business people. 

Through our glossy online free monthly magazine, we are spreading the message around the world and creating an influence and highlighting the trends in the tourism industry. 

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We have followers from all over the world come to us to find information about The Gambia and insight into where they're going. Become part of our community and be noticed.  
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We believe in partnerships.

Join My Gambia's online tourist platform where we offer the best available selection of tourism services and products, excellent personalized customer care and complete holiday planning under one roof. 
My Gambia's digital tourist platform is the most innovative platform, where travellers can find first-hand information, discover unknown places and book all available tourist services in The Gambia online. It is a new tool created to support the Gambian tourism industry with a much-needed online platform. 
As a result of working with us, you will generate more revenue and attract more awareness to your business, gain broader exposure in the national and international markets, increase the number of reservations, and highlight your potential in various markets. You will stand out from the crowd with professional photography, videography, marketing materials, B2B activities, and international networking. Our consultancy goes hand in hand with the image and style of your business and brand. 

Why work with us? What are your benefits?

Ideal for
  • restaurants.
  • accommodation providers.
  • service providers.
  • other tourist businesses.

Online listing for accommodation, services providers, restaurants

Your business will be displayed on our website listing. Getting listed will help you gain wider exposure, amplify your online presence, and put you ahead of the competition. Advertising your business in this way can be beneficial because you can have optimal results at a low cost.

Online listing can also be a great way to support existing information about your business, and it is a general trust factor for customers. Our partners will be listed on our booking page with no extra charge.

Online Booking options

Our partners will be part of all our online booking activities. We work as an agency converting leads to customers with a lead-nurturing and trust-building approach. Booking includes connecting our partners with international tour agencies, travel agents, and individuals.

Our principal advantage is delivering real-time information with personalised customer care, from information gathering to reservation and feedback with our personal presence and rapport with every player in this industry.

The booking process is manual as this is the only way to ensure a high-quality booking process and avoid overbooking or tribulations that are common in the booking process through other platforms on the African market.

Prices and other conditions are subject to individual contracts/deals/special promotions.

Priority in booking activities

With data-driven sales process optimisation, you will be automatically included in all our ad spots and key pages on the website, social media, etc.

We will be keeping a close relationship with all our partners to have updated information about operations, offers, and plans. This will help us encourage customers to purchase services that complement one another from our priority list.

Each month, we will focus on marketing a monthly product/service/offer determined together with your responsible departments.

Professional photography, videography and drone shots

Our fully equipped media production team will strengthen the service by providing high-quality photography and videos with professional cameras, 360° camera, and drone.

Food photography, events promotion, facility photography, promotional videos, and short videos (up to 45 sec) are just a few aspects of the service we provide for our partners.

We will make yearly marketing material updates with a complete photography package (30 photos) and one presentational video of up to 3 minutes, and one promo video (1 minute).

Advertising in the only tourist online monthly magazine

My Magazine is the only online monthly tourist magazine promoting The Gambia, its people, stories, music, fashion, cuisine, and more in the tourism industry.

We believe The Gambia is much more than just a sea, sand, and sun destination. There are so many hidden gems in the country that we reveal to the world.

Your presence in the magazine will spread awareness about your business amongst eager readers that consist not only of potential visitors but also key actors in the tourism industry worldwide.

As a member, you will receive:
- full-page article with photography for no extra charge once a year
- 1 side banner per month
- monthly general promotion
- promotion of events and special offers

No extra charge for being part of our yearly online brochure

Online brochures give viewers an immersive experience of the destination. Those who have experienced a destination through virtual tourism are more likely to book a future stay and will eagerly anticipate experiencing the activities in the “real world.”

Our partners will be included in our yearly online publication that will be delivered to tour agencies worldwide - presenting The Gambia as a year-round destination.

We will share the latest information, best offers, ideas and guides for the wholesome experience of The Gambia with regard to the trends in tourism. Elegant and modern graphic design will keep the image of your business fresh and appealing.

Social media promotion

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to syndicate content and increase business visibility. Every social media promotion is an opportunity to acquire a new customer.

Social media is a melting pot of individuals and companies. Syndicating content on various platforms helps us to reach travellers, companies and interest groups.

We have a strong following, and your business will be regularly promoted on My Gambia's social media.

Networking opportunities

Active professional networking is vital to business growth. Networking gives you the opportunity to connect with other businesses and helps you to establish effective relationships with key people in the industry.

Our regular engaging with different contacts and finding opportunities will help to strengthen your new business relationships and contracts. Networking will give you an opening to other people and companies that could lead to new business opportunities or new partnerships being established to pursue new business ventures. It also gets you and your business noticed by others, and by establishing more connections and regularly contributing to networks, your business will become more reputable.

We will build a vast network on the national and international levels.

Photo & Video Library

All our partners will have free access to our online photo library – filled with striking images of the entire county for marketing and campaign promotion.

Yearly we will produce a general promotional video presenting The Gambia, its people, and places to strengthen the awareness of a whole-year-round destination.


We will enhance the potential of B2B with a different approach. We will generate more leads, take hold of hot leads through multiple inquiry channels, and implement a business mission through social media.

We will set a strategy to boost the domestic market (especially in the green season) and international market (advertising on globally recognised platforms and connecting with African and international tour operators).

Customer Care is our top priority

We believe that customer care is one of the strongest tools in any business. Our mission is to focus on creating a positive customer experience and deepening the trust in the service provided to retain hot leads and increase the number of return customers.

Our customer care will benefit our partners as a positive customer service experience makes customers more likely to make a further purchase and recommend our partners to others.

Customized consultancy

Our team members are specialised in hotel and restaurant management, planning, advertising and marketing. We assist tourism businesses in making the most of their potential by drawing on our experience, knowledge and creativity.

To maintain the quality and consistency of the operation in connection to our guests and guests in general, we will offer customized consultancy based on our observation, customer behaviour, demand, marketing research, services, etc.

Follow-up meetings

We will plan periodic follow-up meetings aimed at ensuring initial and ongoing alignment between our teams.

The goal is to arrive at a common understanding of an agreement around goals, tactics, expectations, strategy, and performance. As well as creating opportunities to connect and discuss the latest trends, policy updates, challenges, customer reviews, results of marketing campaigns, operational issues, overall issues, new opportunities and future plans.

Social Media Management*

Our service includes managing social media, including Facebook Page, Instagram account and LinkedIn Profile.

We will take over the administrative role on mentioned social media. If your business does not have existing profiles yet, we will create one for you.

We will ensure that information about the business is constantly updated. 

We will create monthly content for publication by providing appealing writing that goes hand in hand with high professional photos and videos created by our team. 

*extra charge


We aim to be a trusted partner, operating with honesty and in full transparency, never sacrificing long-term value for short-term results.


We put our expertise at the service of our partners and believe in providing them the highest quality of service possible.

Strong following

+65,000 followers on social media
+3,000 magazine subscribers 
+159,000 views on Youtube 
+22,000 website monthly visits 

We stand out

Our hard work and unique style are noticed. Over the past two years, we’ve built strong business relationships with many partners. 

Connect your business with travellers and companies from all over the world

Online booking

Get wider exposure on our online booking platform.   

Online Magazine

Tell readers more about your business in our free monthly online magazine.

Business to Business

Be one of the partners we can recommend to corporate clients.

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