Zumba Classes with Binta

Join Zumba Classes with Binta at Hypolink Village The class is an aerobic workout (fat burner).

It uses energizing music to DANCE along to. You can use high or low energy but your intention is to keep the body moving.

Binta’s motto is: When in doubt, just shake it all about and you’ll still get a good workout.

If you commit for 4 weeks classes, it’s D100 per class If you don’t like to commit and join whenever you have time, it’s D150 per class.


Tuesday 5.30 pm 
Thursday 5.30 pm
Saturday 9.30 am


Hypolink Village Resort

Binta Bah

Dance teacher, Zumba instructor
With a passion for dance since she was a child, she took that passion and became a dance teacher. From dance teacher to Zumba instructor the passion lives on. She brings it to her classes to energise and motivate others. Dance coupled with music keeps us fit and most importantly keeps us happy. We welcome all to join her in this pursuit.

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