Youth Against Irregular Migration (YAIM)

Youth Against Irregular Migration (YAIM) was set up by Gambians while in detention in Libya after taking the Backway. En-route they experienced first-hand many human rights cases of abuse and economic exploitation, inspiring them to establish an organization that aims to dissuade people from embarking on such life-threatening journeys.

Awareness-raising campaigns generally have limited success as they are perceived as inaccurate, biased Western propaganda or poorly informed. YAIM’s awareness-raising counteracts these assumptions, however, since the imparters of the information are people that have made the journey and face the same issues that the average person in The Gambia faces. People only trust information if they share a relationship or trust the transmitters and YAIM members not being part of the elite reinforces that trust. Also, YAIM can contribute to creating a more sustainable return process by providing guidance and information.  

YAIM Caravan 2018 in Wassu, Central River Region North

YAIM members have travelled to Libya with the hope of crossing to Europe through the Mediterranean in search of jobs, but now they are back with the same hope of MAKING IT HERE. While urging the government and stakeholders to provide more opportunities for Gambian youth to prevent them from endangering their lives looking for greener pastures abroad.

YAIM Caravan Team 2019 with students of Japineh Basic Cycle School in Lower River Region


  1. To sensitize the children and youths in a form of drama, music, sports, talk shows, public gatherings, etc.
  2. Create job opportunities for voluntary returnees and potential migrants.
  3. Create a partnership with Government, private sectors, donor agencies, training institutions, communities,
  4. Advocate for creating the environment and incentives that encourage people to adopt agriculture in both rural and urban areas.
  5. To break the cycle of seeing agriculture as a trade for poor people by the youths.
  6. To organize capacity building programs
  7. To promote the demographic dividend
YAIM Caravan team engaging the students of Jarumeh Koto Basic Cycle School in Central River Region North on the dangers of Irregular Migration

MOTTO What is achieved beyond is achieved beyond.

YAIM Summer Caravan 2019 doing a road show in streets of Brikama Ba in Central River Region South

VISION To ensure that young people are given the opportunity to participate in decision-making platforms so as to contribute their quota in national development

Migrants and Community members of Janjanbureh Island in Central River Region South standing up against Irregular Migration

MISSION Discourage youth involvement in irregular migration, thus bring an end to irregular migration

YAIM Caravan Team 2019 in Koluro Basic Cycle School in West Coast Region

GOAL Engaging youth in self-reliant activities

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