Yaws Fashion Corner: Traditional Wear

It’s that time of year again when the first Eid Feast (Koriteh) is about to happen, and this is no joke occasion as it involves people of mainly the Muslim religion. However, as you know, here in The Gambia, you don’t or can’t really tell who is a Muslim or not as we are so at peace religiously that both main religions celebrate each other’s feasts. I also have Christian clients who come to order their Koriteh outfits. And yes, it’s a celebration that showcases traditional wears and these range from the most simple to the most glamourous fabric you can ever see.

Clothing varies from brightly coloured plain mbasenj to abstractly embroidered attires; be them tye n dyes, baby lace, colourful beaded and sequined designs with matching headscarves and vails for the women and Kaftans with their matching hats and marakiss (traditional shoes) that compliments the outfits…

When I say these occasions are no joke in terms of Fashion and Style, I am so serious because people will do their savings from the beginning of Ramadan, which signals the feast preparations. So already, people would be calculating what to wear, what makeup to have, what hairstyle, nail style, shoes, and even matching purse/bag to rock with the dress or kaftan. It becomes a whole process.

It’s a very busy period for ateliers that makes us happy and overwhelmed with the works for people. Especially for those that come last minute and want to have the best, can you imagine??

Gambian traditional clothing and fashion sense is a diverse topic that is able to look into different tribes and cultures, which brings out the diversity of beauties we have. Let’s delve into this on my next episode, which is going to be Traditional wear 2, if you may allow me, guys; I already am running behind time to submit this issue due to Koriteh affairs.

These styles are elegant and stylish; they are exquisite and can be worn after the feast to special events like weddings, naming ceremonies, receptions and religious affairs.
On that note, please allow me to stop here until my next episode which I will bring you shots of people in celebration of the feast in their beautiful pieces.

Until then, stay in peace.

Love and Light.

About Author

YAwa Conateh

Fashion Designer and founder of Yawscreations
Born out of frustration to go and do her B.A. and Masters In fashion as she has a Diploma in Fashion and decor from Leeds College of Art and Design. So after she realized she wasn’t going back to England again, she started sketching and wearing her designs then family and friends and even strangers would compliment her and so that’s how it all started back in 2007.
Yes, 13 years ago!
Yawscreations is a now multifaceted business doing Fashion for men and women. Events promoting the Gambian art and culture and also coordinating private events for clients. They also do interior decorations and stage setups. Check social media using @Yawscreations


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