Yaws Fashion Corner: Traditional wear gone contemporary

Salam, lovely readers, first of all, let me take this opportunity to wish you'll a happy end of Ramadan. I pray God answers all that we've been fasting for and bless us with a Peaceful and Corona Virus-free Universe.

As promised about the Koriteh Outfits remix, I have diverted it to something I noticed that is quite interesting, “Traditional wear gone contemporary” with these trending ancient styles that wowed the fashion vibes found during the recently past Eid “Koriteh” feast.

This is a three-piece-suit “NjetIabdou or grand mobu” is culturally known to be a style for men from ancestral times moving to date. So what I want to share is that back in the days “GrandMobu or njetiabdou” (3 piece outfit) style was more popularly made for men than women. It would come in mbaseng or damask and also some are recycled and made into tie-dyes or batiks, this still exists. They would also come in plain colours with geometric or artistic designs on them depicting the background of the wearers. Chiefs, Alkalos, traditional leaders and healers would wear them on special occasions to make a statement, to be noticed. Ordinary, men would wear them too to showcase the elegance and beauty of our culture, and they would rock them with a matching hat “mbahanaalaji” and “marakiss” (traditional Muslim shoes), which used to come from Morocco hence the name Marakiss. I guess, these would be the finishing touches complementing the outfit fully.

Heavily coming on, and today’s trend allows women to wear these too, going to the mosque walking in them majestically with confidence. This style went BIG as a lot of women rocked it so well in different colours and parts of the world in flamboyant and unapologetic styles, giving EID (KORITEH) that feminine in masculine style. 🙂 This style, though, is the most comfortable you can rock, as women have the different options of wearing them with a wraparound, pants, skirts, chaya, tights or whatever you feel comfortable in.

With that being said, I am just visualizing a picture of my mum that we have in the living room that I would like to share here. Mind you, this pic was taken in the 1980s, she said. I love the Mauritanian embroidery on the tye-dye mbaseng she is rocking in.

During the Eid “Koriteh” feast, some women didn’t wear them as a three-piece as the men would. In my case, I just rocked in one piece; some did two pieces, like the Absolute Glam siStar who mixed earthy colour tones in a sandy and brown mix with a matching head tie/crown “musorr” standing tall, bringing out her Absolute Glam skin tone. Others rocked in three-piece like my homegirl my siStar from another mother, Madam Elegance. The white gives the divine feel to the swag standing tall and shining bright. I love white! My babydoll, @iman_____njai also had one in gold embroidery, made by yours truly, Yaws Creations (@yawsfashion). It gives an elegant and royalty feel to this style. She wanted to be a female Ghadafi at a team party. Thank you for choosing us.

We saw women from all works of life rocking this hot trending must-have-style that has been as well rocked by international celebrities too. As you can see, big sis @adamaparis is doing very big with it, dressing celebrities. @Youssou Ndure, my superhero is always rocking them in his performances promoting his culture, but more so the super amazing talents that do the works.

I hope you enjoy reading here and hope to have back you again next month.

Love and Light.

About Author

YAwa Conateh

Fashion Designer and founder of Yawscreations
Born out of frustration to go and do her B.A. and Masters In fashion as she has a Diploma in Fashion and decor from Leeds College of Art and Design. So after she realized she wasn’t going back to England again, she started sketching and wearing her designs then family and friends and even strangers would compliment her and so that’s how it all started back in 2007.
Yes, 13 years ago!
Yawscreations is a now multifaceted business doing Fashion for men and women. Events promoting the Gambian art and culture and also coordinating private events for clients. They also do interior decorations and stage setups. Check social media using @Yawscreations


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