Why Fatoumatta Sillah could define the next era of volleyball

Smart, talented and humble; it’s fair to say that few volleyballers sum up the modern game better than Fatoumatta Sillah.

Since her childhood, Fatoumatta Sillah has forged the weapons to become a volleyball superstar. She is always looking forward with a ferocious ambition and a formidable mental strength. In less than two years, she had made a name for herself and never has so much been expected of her.

Sillah is not the first teenage genius to burst onto the scene and make a difference. She certainly won’t be the last, either. But make no mistake: her sky-rocket to the top has been spectacular, and such a massive impact so young is almost unprecedented. Which players could argue that they enjoyed Sillah’s level of success between the ages of 15 and 18?

Scouted at box bar mini stadium in Brikama as a footballer, the young tall lanker outside hitter would never believe she will later become a volleyball superstar.

Since she was introduced to the African dream project centre in Brikama, western Gambia, it was already clear she was developing rapidly. She became more athletic, more technical – it was obvious the brilliance between her and the others.

“In terms of her maturity and her determination, there was no-one at her age of an equivalent standard. Fatoumatta always wanted to be the best, to be heard and shoulders above everyone else said his former coach at the Africa Dream project development centre Pa Baboucarr Barrow.

It was little surprise, therefore, when Gen–I volleyball in Slovenia came in calling for the young Gambian prodigy.

Her first season was solid in Europe, she was the revelation of the Slovenian league, but her impact hasn’t diminished one bit in every single match she played. She hasn’t just been phenomenal; she’s made her teammates better and still aged only 18, she had turned out for her club – a dramatic rise.

Today, she is 18 and carries the hopes of Geni – I on her shoulders. She has become the key player in the Slovenian league. In the Gambia, she is seen as a breath of fresh air and a superstar: that’s just what she is now. But despite all of the talent, all of that ambition and his fierce mentality, Fatoumatta is still the same girl from Brikama.

Rising from the African Dream Centre in Brikama to conquer Slovenia with an ‘impossible’ performance at the biggest stage and believe it more is yet to come!


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