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October issue

Have you ever considered buying a property at your favourite holiday destination? The Smiling Coast? You have fallen in love with Gambia and got tired of paying for hotels and guesthouses. Or your family needs more space than you can get in a hotel, or you just want to relax without spending a huge amount of money? Maybe you just decided it is time for you to relocate and move to the Gambia permanently. There are many reasons to buy a (vacation) home at the Smiling Coast.

But like any major financial decision, there are many things you need to know before taking this step. You can save money in the long run if you visit your place often. For example, if you spend two months a year in your vacation home, the amount you pay for a mortgage (if you finance it this way) will be less than the amount you will pay for a hotel or apartment rental. And if you have the funds and do not have to pay a loan, you’ll save 100% of the money from a hotel or rental property. Also, over time, you will accumulate equity without giving your money to anyone else.

It is possible to use your home for a vacation or to generate rental income when you are not there. In popular holiday destinations, owning an apartment can be not just a convenience, but also a way to earn extra money. What could be better than that!
GamRealty offers Rental and Property Management to allow this to happen.

Real estate values – especially in popular holiday areas – tend to increase over time. Even if you don’t rent it out, your vacation home can help you build wealth. You can customise your vacation home to suit your needs and preferences and you can store things there. The holiday home can eventually become a permanent home. And, if you choose, you can move there permanently without any worries.

Of course, there are also intangible reasons to buy a vacation home, such as giving your whole family a place to have fun in the summer and feel at home at the same time. Everyone has their reason to want to own a property in their most popular destination.

When you decide to relocate permanently, you most likely made that decision from your previous experiences and you will know in which area you want to live and what type of property you want to buy.
Close to the beach or more up-country, in an urban area close to shops, schools or medical facilities, GamRealty one of the leading real estate companies in The Gambia can help you find your dream home.

GamRealty offers a first class customer service including a number of services that ensure a carefree buying experience. Especially now during COVID-19 with travel restrictions. Viewing and buying property your interested in is a challenge, but with our Buyer Services such as Virtual Tours, Drone Video, Document Check, Technical Inspection and Conveyance you can still buy your dream property with ease of heart.

GamRealty, Carefree Property Buying in Gambia

As Gambia’s number One Property Guide, we are passionate about helping people find their perfect homes while ensuring a hassle free buying experience. In addition, we provide Gambia’s Real Estate industry with powerful opportunities to connect with local and international home-buyers and renters searching for property online.

The same passion we offer to those who plan to sell their property and who want a dedicated service, a top quality listing and a fair sales commission. We provide a quality sales experience as we are one of the leading and most innovative real estate agencies in the Gambia.

From Cape Point to Kololi, Brufut and Bijilo to Sukuta, Tujereng, Sanyang and Gunjur, we help homebuyers and renters find apartments, houses and vacant land.

With our Buyer Services and extensive information on our website we are also committed to empowering homebuyers with local knowledge and area trends to help with making the best decision about where to live, how to buy and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Our team is dedicated to making sure that we are available wherever house hunters are, and whenever they need us, which is why we have our mobile responsive website available for all major platforms.

GamRealty prides itself in delivering a great user experience and innovative services, so if you want any information or have any feedback you would like to give us, we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch!

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Senegambia Highway, Bijilo, The Gambia
Telephone: +220 2696613 / 7949038 / 7107606


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