What will you experience at the Kankurang Festival 2022?

We have been waiting so anxiously to know the program of the upcoming fifth edition of the Kankurang Festival 2022. And it’s here! Our team is excited to be participating in another, bigger and livelier edition next year. So, let’s see what awaits us. 

The program starts on Friday afternoon with the opening ceremony at the festival ground, where most of the performances from different masquerades will occur. We will be able to enjoy the first few hours of the enchanting show and conclude the evening with dancing on the beats of one of the Gambia’s most renowned musicians, ST the Gambian dream. 

After getting enough rest, we will be joining the parade on the streets of Janjanbureh, which brings special excitement since you can almost touch all the masquerades which the festival hosts. The warmth of the sun, the cheerfulness of the people, the loud sounds of the drums and music will undoubtedly exhaust you so you will have enough time to relax and prepare for the main performances of the festival. Starting in the afternoon and ending in the early hours of the morning, the magical display of culture will leave you amazed. 

Janjanbureh is one of the towns in The Gambia with the strongest historical value and one of the most passionate teams of local tour guides. In their Tourist Information Centre, you will be able to get many ideas how to indulge in different activities there are to try—either kayaking, hiking, city tour or just relaxing on various spots across the island. 

My Gambia loves Janjanbureh. It is something magical about the place. So, we decided to prepare the package where you will thoroughly enjoy and engage in the culture and activities of Janjanbureh and surrounding villages. There is no reason not to extend your visit and fully embrace the heartbeat of the upcountry. More details are coming soon. Get ready for a combination of dance, culture, nature, animal world, river voyages and rich history. 

The place is never too crowded as there are only four one-bedroom apartments which give it a very personal feel. It is like a home from home in the sun, many guests become friends, and you feel that you are just a big happy family. Even the staff of Camara Gardens will accept you immediately and build a friendship with you.

It is also possible to rent out all four apartments and use the place for yourself, your family or friends. That in fact happens many times, so if you are looking for a place like this, do not hesitate to contact Denise anytime.

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