Weather in October

October issue

September is the last month of the heavy rainy season. In October weather slowly becomes more pleasant and dry.

September is usually one of the rainiest months of the rainy season but this rainy season, The Gambia faced many rainy days and nights since June. In September there was many stormy night, while days were sunny. In September we can normally expect up to ¼ of the yearly precipitation. This is one of the months, when The Gambia is boosted with the greenery. You will witness rain showers, which could eventually lead to flash floods or mudslides. It is never too bad to have an extra T-shirt or pair of pants in your bag, if you are out for the day.

But in October, the rain slowly stops and the climate becomes less humid. It becomes more pleasant also for the visitors since it is connected with the beginning of the tourist season at the end of the month. 

Temperature wise, October is becoming warmer with its average temperatures from 28 to 31°C in the afternoons. In the night, temperatures usually stay above 25 °C. October is still one of the months with highest UV index. Sun is most intense from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can occasionally feel a light breeze, especially at the coastal area, but is very rare and it doesn’t help much in cooling down. Up the country, temperatures are even higher and also there is a bigger chance of rain. Because of the humidity percentage, that is still above 70, the real-feel temperature is around 42 °C in the shade and up to 8 °C higher on the direct sunlight. There is around 6 hours of sunlight in the day and the length of the day is a bit above 12 hours. Sunset is after 7 p.m. Because of the high air temperatures, also sea temperatures are one of the highest in the year – the average is 26 to 29 °C.


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