Weather in September

The Gambia is a small country in West Africa with an array of beautiful beaches. The sub-tropical climate makes the country warm all year round, attracting many visitors to the small nation.
It has only two seasons, and these are the wet and dry seasons. The wet season lasts from May to October. September is one of the wettest months of this year after August but also the warmest. The temperature in September is similar to that of August.

The average temperature is 26°C this month. During the day, temperatures rise to 30°C and drops as low as 22°C at night. When coming to the Gambia in September, consider accommodations with air conditions or fans. Bring light clothes and sunscreen with a high factor. The sea is very warm with an inviting temperature of 28°C. You will be able to feel a light breeze, especially in the coastal areas. There are 16 rainy days expected throughout the whole month, and 275 mm of rain is predicted. The humidity levels can reach up to 80%. There are 8 hours of sunshine and 12 hours of daylight. This month, the showers will not spoil your holiday in the Gambia as raindrops for a few hours and stops.

Not sure if September is the right month to travel to The Gambia?

We live in The Gambia and we are happy to help you to plan your holidays. For each month of the year we will provide creative suggestions about where to go and what to do.

September can be your month!

We will provide you with a wide range of information about activities you can choose to make your stay more vivid. You will have the assistance of a person, which will be there for you, will provide information to the details and use all the knowledge to make your trip memorable.
Let's start planing

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