Weather in June

The Gambia is an enthralling country with radiant sunshine on the coast of West Africa. Its subtropical climate brings hot weather all year round. The countries uniqueness lies in its small size, the people and its culture.

The subtropical climate has two seasons, the dry season and the wet season. The beginning of the wet season starts in June and last till October. This is when farmers prepare for cultivation in the country, and it’s a happy time for the locals who are into subsistent and commercial agriculture.

When you travel to the Gambia in June, you might experience a light shower, but this will not spoil your holiday at all. The rain this month is light and refreshing.
In June, the weather in the Gambia is still sunny and hot. You will enjoy relaxing at the beach on sunbeds or by the poolside in your hotel. You can savour 12 hours of sunshine through out most of the month.

In June, the temperature ranges of an average high temperature of 32°C and an average low temperature of 24°C. The average high temperature is approximately similar to May, but it might feel hotter since humidity levels are still rising. The average heat index is calculated to a hot 30°C. Take extra precautions, as heat cramps and heat weariness is possible. Always have a bottle of water, suncream and seek shelter around 11 am to 3 pm.

You can expect around 15 mm of rain this month, but there is also a high probability that there will be no wet weather during your stay. Humidity is increasing, reaching 75% on average. The wind speed is about 12km/h, present mainly in the coastal areas.

The night temperatures are not so low anymore, so always check that your accommodation has an air-conditioning system.



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