Viva La Gambia promotion project

We from the Viva La Gambia Team know how much you miss The Gambia! More than a year now the world is fighting against Covid-19. The pandemic shakes up the travel industry. Nobody can travel the way they are so used to. We are all in this situation together. We have to deal with the facts right now, but we shouldn’t lose focus on our future. There is a life after the pandemic. In that future we are welcoming you back to The Gambia! Because as much as you miss Gambia, Gambia misses you even more!

We from the Viva La Gambia team want to promote our Smiling Coast of Africa. The Gambia is a real varied holiday destination: something to do, see or explore for everyone! Because of the pandemic you can’t visit your beloved Gambia and new explorers can’t fall in love with The Gambia (yet!). Because as you and I know as soon as you visit The Gambia you will fall in love and will always want to return!

Together with a Gambian artist we created the song called Viva La Gambia. The song Viva La Gambia will remind you of all your lovely holidays in The Gambia and will show the curious new traveller the beautiful inlands nature, the culture and the lifestyle in The Gambia.

Viva La Gambia is a song with a warm greeting of The Smiling Coast of Africa to all their long-lasting friends, one-time Gambia visitor and curious travel lover that never visit The Gambia. If you are a lover of The Gambia you know that it has a lot to offer: the beautiful nature, lovely weather and most importantly the friendly Gambian people. After more than a year stuck at home, everybody is longing for new experience, sun, beach and a lot of happiness. We know that they are longing for The Gambia, but do they know?!

Artist Mr. Feeling
Our Viva La Gambia Team

Most of the Gambian people work directly or indirectly in the tourism industry. This last year has been very difficult. Lots of businesses have shut down and many people have lost their jobs without social security. 

Financially this is a real disaster for many Gambian families as they live with many from just one salary. But we can’t sit still and wait for things to get better. We have to do something to promote our beautiful country. Together we can do so much more! That’s why many Gambians and Gambia lovers joined the Viva La Gambia team and working hard to make this project into a success! Because as an African verb reads: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’.

We are still working hard on this project. We are so happy with all the support from different sides. Everybody wants to join in the effort to promote The Smiling Coast of Africa. In the next edition of My Magazine will we give you a sneak preview of the project. The Viva La Gambia Song will be launched in the edition of June.

We are working hard to make this happen but as many of you know things always take time. But the most important thing is that we work together to promote The Gambia. Do you want to us to keep you up to date? Follow @vivalagambia at Facebook and Instagram.

Do you want to promote your beloved Gambia? Help us and share your favourite Gambia experience with us! Tag us in your post and #VivaLaGambia

Thank you all very much!

About Author

Elsemiek Franken

the Owner of Three Little Birds Bar and Restaurant and Co-founder of Santo Gambia Foundation
I am Elsemiek Franken, also known as Mam Jarra, a 24 year old girl building her dreamlife in The Gambia. You could call me a happy girl! You can wake me up for Benechin chicken, improving lives, learning new things and adventures. My friends call me spontaneous, loyal, brave, a goal-getter and a little too much of a talker. I always need to be busy, maybe you can call it restless. I used to think that The Gambia and its 40 degrees would slow me a bit down. Not yet, hopefully I will learn to do nothing (at least sometimes;) and enjoy it. Do you have a tip?

As a child they always called me messy, I call it creative. The Gambia brings out the best of me, for example my creative mind. I cannot describe how this happens. Come to The Gambia, stay a bit longer and experience it yourself!

I enjoy making food for everybody who walks in. You’re welcome to join!

Do you want to know something or ask me a question? Please contact me on


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