Viva La Gambia is online!

We hope you have enjoyed the 30 seconds video we have published earlier this weekend. We from the Viva La Gambia team know how much you miss The Gambia! As you may already heared, we have been working on this promotion song for The Smiling Coast of Africa. We believe that we have to promote The Gambia. We, as Gambians, are proud of our country. The Gambia is a really beautiful varied holiday destination: Something to do, see or explore for everyone!

Let us bring you back to how it all started…

While the corona was still dominating the world. We were sitting on an empty beach. Normally around this time the beach is full. Full with Gambians enjoying and tourist who come to enjoy the sun, beach and everything else that The Gambia has to offer. This year, like last year, nobody at the beach. We kept talking about how important tourism is for the country, how many jobs it provides and how much the tourism are integrated in many Gambia families.
As proud as we are at our country, we wanted to do something. We want to greet all those people who can’t wait to come back to our country, greet those who never came to our country and greet those who may came only one time and are willing to return after the pandemic. Viva La Gambia is a song with a warm greeting of The Smiling Coast of Africa to all of you!

Check out Viva La Gambia: A warm greeting of The Smiling Coast of Africa:

Do you want to promote your beloved Gambia? Share Viva La Gambia greeting to all your friends and family! Share the song and use the hashtag #VivaLaGambia!
We made a Back-stage video because we wanted you to be part of our Viva La Gambia team. Check out the video below to get a glimpse on the process of making the Viva La Gambia song.
We love The Gambia that much that we don’t want to stop here. We go further to promote The Gambia and its businesses. For the coming three months we will share with you more VIVA LA GAMBIA. Together with businesses we created more VIVA LA GAMBIA happiness! Do you want to know which business will contribute to August edition magazine? Then make sure you subscribe and follow closely.
Lots of love Viva La Gambia team! #VivaLaGambia

To be continued…

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