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Amy StPierre

Owner of the Good Vibes Eco Lodge
Amy StPierre-Touray and her family enjoy slow living in the Gambian countryside, where they farm and welcome visitors from around the world to their 'Good Vibes' Eco Lodge.

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Traditional Dish Recipe: Cherreh with sour milk

This dish is commonly called cherreh ak mew or sow. Cherreh ak mew is some kind of a dessert, popular among Gambians. Mostly it is referred to as the staple food of the Fula and Serer ethnic group. Fulas own the yellow cherreh made from corn, and Serer own the black cherreh made from millet.

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Fruit of the month: Avocado

Avocado, popularly known as a pear in The Gambia, is a flowering plant that is believed to have originated from Southern Mexico. The plant is self-pollinating and grows in the rainy season. Large egg-shaped fruit is green when unripe and purple to black when it ripens. It contains a large seed in the middle, which many locals plant to grow a new tree after eating the soft part. The fruit has butterly green and yellow flesh when it is ripped.

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Made in the Gambia: Local salt production

Nowadays, most of the salt produced in The Gambia comes from the sea, mines and wells. But in the past, the largest quantities of salt were produced along the creeks of The River Gambia, where the water salinity is still very high due to the closeness to the ocean.

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