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Amy StPierre

Owner of the Good Vibes Eco Lodge
Amy StPierre-Touray and her family enjoy slow living in the Gambian countryside, where they farm and welcome visitors from around the world to their 'Good Vibes' Eco Lodge.


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Viva La Gambia promotion project

We from the Viva La Gambia Team know how much you miss The Gambia! More than a year now the world is fighting against Covid-19. The pandemic shakes up the travel industry. Nobody can travel the way they are so used to. We are all in this situation together. We have to deal with the facts right now, but we shouldn’t lose focus on our future. There is a life after the pandemic. In that future we are welcoming you back to The Gambia! Because as much as you miss Gambia, Gambia misses you even more!

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Whilst you enjoy the sunny beaches of the coastal part of The Gambia, don’t forget to consider traveling up country to enjoy a day, two or three by the mighty river Gambia. Whether you want to relax and enjoy in the quiet nature environment or get busy with exploring and recreation activities, we can offer you a perfect suggestion of where to go.

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Traditional Dish Recipe: Nan Mburu

Nan Mburu is a special dessert in the Gambia that is prepared during special events like Good Friday, picnics, birthday parties, and sometimes in ceremonies. Good Friday is also known as nan mburu day since all Christian families are preparing this dish and share it amongst the family and friends.

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