Villa Roula Bar & Restaurant; Where the Lebanese and Indian cuisine meet

For lovers of real authentic Lebanese and Indian food, we recommend a visit to Villa Roula restaurant. Located on Fajara avenue, this restaurant takes your breath away right at the entrance.

The large gold-and-silver sign standing in front of the restaurant is just the beginning of a carefully chosen combination of white and the prestigious silver-gold colour that you will notice at every turn.

The golden gate opens the way to a beautiful, vibrant, and large garden with palm trees, landscaped with greenery and countless lights that conjure up an elegant and romantic atmosphere. But this is just an introduction to the rich, surprising and above all the numerous flavours you can experience at Villa Roula.

Between the beautifully decorated tables, there is enough space for each guest to enjoy privacy. Also, the space is so large and beautiful that it is straightforwardly prepared and suitable for a wedding or other important event for larger groups.

The interior, air-conditioned part of the restaurant is extremely bright with huge glass windows offering views of the beautiful garden. Every piece in the restaurant is colour coordinated. You will feel a personal note and handmade details that speak creativity and uniqueness. Frames, handles and doors – everything is in style. Large, pastel-gold chairs fit large rectangular and round tables.

The head of the restaurant, the extremely likeable Roula, who comes from Lebanon, says that each guest brings their own colours to the restaurant, which come to the fore due to the carefully chosen white and silver-gold colours. Her oriental temperament and positive energy bring warmth and homeliness to the space.

Villa Roula is a renovated restaurant that opened its doors in the middle of May this year. This place used to be an Indian restaurant. Roula initially wanted to offer different cuisine, but later decided to offer the perfect combination of Indian and Lebanese dishes for the menu, which will impress even the most demanding guest, family, couples, or groups. In the future, she plans to add intercontinental dishes as well.

To prepare Lebanese dishes, the chef uses homemade, authentic recipes that will take you into the Arab world of spices, aromas, and flavours. Indian cuisine is provided by Chef from India, who conjures up gourmet delights of Indian cuisine. Both are, of course, also masters of intercontinental dishes, which are part of almost every kitchen or restaurant that operates in an international environment. You will be able to choose from hot or cold appetizers, delicious meat or vegetable appetizers, various sauces, Arabic bread, fresh salads, and main dishes.

Due to the diversity of the kitchens and the huge space, we find them a key advantage and a unique choice for larger and more diverse groups of people.

Lebanese and Indian cuisine are known for offering a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. A very diverse selection of culinary specialties prepared from fresh vegetables, genuine spices, nuts, coconut, legumes, rice, etc. and mixed cooking methods will completely impress you, as the ingredients create natural flavours. Vegetarians will definitely get their money’s worth at this restaurant.

Of course, both kitchens also offer a wide selection of meat dishes, chicken, fish, and other blends of different ingredients. In Indian cuisine, we should not forget to mention the specialties prepared in the Indian clay oven called Tandoor.

Spice blends cater for both – those who love spicy food as well as those who want less or not spicy. It is also suitable for families with children. There is something on offer for everyone. If the wide choice on the menu makes your decision difficult, they will be able to advise you on what to choose.

What we like most is that no one has to opt for just one dish, as the offer is based on combining different mezes, appetizers and main dishes to your own taste. This also speeds up ordering for large groups and makes it easier.

And just for such occasions, they have prepared the Combo Mix offer, which is a great choice because of the price (GMD 900 per person – for groups of 4 or more people), as well as because of the tastes, a wide selection of dishes and the opportunity to taste the perfect combination of both world-famous cuisines. We also tasted the latter and Villa Roula definitely got new customers just for this offer!

Delicious, varied, diverse, vegetarian, vegan, meaty, cold, warm, fresh, spicy, non-spicy, of all colours and shapes in one meal in one place for the whole family. The Combo Mix is definitely a top choice for groups.

The pleasant ambience with a selection of jazz music encourages sitting around and genuine socializing. We had a hard time getting off the table.

Lovers of wines, cocktails or other drinks are also well catered for. We tried fruity, non-alcoholic cocktails, which can also be a great dessert.

If you need a venue for a wedding or other important celebration, get in touch with Roula, who will be happy to explain and show you everything.

We recommend the place. 

What we ate tasted enjoyed ?


Lebanese starters

Cheese Rolls
Shrimps in bread crumbs Chicken wings
Grilled halloumi with sweet & sour sauce
Fattouch (Lebanese salad)
Hummus with kawarma
Beef Sausages in Grenadine molasses 

Indian main course

Plain Naan
Indian mix grill
Tikka masala sauce
Veg pillau rice


Fresh fruit cocktail
Wonjo Fresh juice
Dittah Fresh juice
Minted Lemonade
Perhaps (fresh local fruit cocktail- non-alcoholic)
Call me babe ( fresh tropical cocktail- non-alcoholic)
Virgin Mojito
Gin Fizz


Kombo Mix for groups (min 4 persons) can be with 4 starters (GMD 800) or with 5 starters (GMD 900). You can make your own choice from a wide range of options or  leave the “hard” decision to the restaurant staff.  

More information and contacts

Opening hours:

Currently, the restaurant is open from 7 PM to late. The kitchen closes at 11:30 PM.
Closed on Tuesdays.

Opening hours may change in “High season”. 
For accurate information, please check on their social networks.


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