Vegetable of the month: bitter tomato

Jahatu (in wolof) or bitter tomato is an African vegetable used particularly in the preparation of West African 'soups' (i.e. stews). It is available in many African countries.

It has green or pale-yellow skins with a thin waxy exocarp. The flesh is white, moist but not juicy and contains many seeds that are pale yellow, or brown to black; It looks like a tomato (hence the common name of bitter tomato) and its bitter.

Bitter tomato is also growing in The Gambia and it is imported from Senegal, Guinea and other countries.

In The Gambia, it is most commonly used as a side vegetable for many traditional Gambian dishes, such as Benachin, Chew, Domoda, Plasas, etc.

You can buy it on every market.

The price start at GMD 5. In the dry season markets are full of bitter tomatoes.  

Photo Credit: Amy StPierre

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