Traditional Dish Recipe: Cherreh with sour milk

This dish is commonly called cherreh ak mew or sow. Cherreh ak mew is some kind of a dessert, popular among Gambians. Mostly it is referred to as the staple food of the Fula and Serer ethnic group. Fulas own the yellow cherreh made from corn, and Serer own the black cherreh made from millet.


  • 1 kg of milk powder
  • One spoon of sour milk
  • Cherreh or Millet powder (made into tiny balls)
  • Sugar
  • Water


Sour Milk preparation

Place a cooking pot and add water, then bring to boil. Put the hot water in a bucket with a cover. Add the milk powder to the water and stir. Then add a little bit of sour milk that you bought from the local market. Cover the milk and let it sit for 24 hours.

Preparing cherreh

Place a cooking pot on the fire and add water. Place a colander (inday) over the pot. Make a dough with the coos husk and water, paste between the colander and pot to prevent steam from escaping. Or you can tie the wet cloth around it. 

Bring the water to a boil. Spread the cherreh in the colander and cover with a clean cloth. Allow the steam to surround the contents of the colander. 

When cherreh becomes firm to the touch and the colour changes from white to light brown, remove and put in a calabash. Crush with a suitable utensil. Sieve the cherreh through a coarse sieve. Add water to the cherreh. Repeat steps 5 to 8 until cherreh is cooked. Crush, sieve again, add dried pounded baobab leaves according to taste and steam. 

Remove cherreh and allow to cool down.

Serve the cherreh with the milk and add sugar to taste.

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