Founded in 1985, TOP-SHOP is one of the longest existing businesses in The Gambian tourism industry. Starting off as a leather work-shop, we quickly transformed into a fashion manufacturer, later adding various arts, crafts, jewelry, printed T-shirts and more.
Today, TOP-SHOP is a souvenir shop business with outlets in Senegambia Beach Hotel, Kombo Beach Hotel, and Bungalow Beach Hotel. You will discover African arts and crafts from the whole West-African region, as well as selected items from other parts of the world. In our own production facilities and workshops we always create new unique souvenirs. This is particularly appreciated by the regular returners!

Our prices are reasonable and fixed, meaning you can save your energy not having to barter. If you like peaceful shopping or just browsing around in a quiet and hassle-free atmosphere, you will certainly enjoy a visit in TOP-SHOP.

In Senegambia Beach Hotel we also run an African Art Gallery with paintings by some of the most talented West-African artists. 

We hope to see you in The Gambia and we are sure you will not regret it!

Phone: +220 3989171 or +220 7101011
WhatsApp: +220 3989171 or +220 7101011
Facebook: Top-Shop Gambia
Address: Senegambia Beach Hotel, Kombo Beach Hotel, and Bungalow Beach Hotel
Working hours: Daily from 9am to 7pm in the low season, and from 9am to 9pm in the high season



Explore and Feel The Gambia with us

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