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October issue

Bring umbrella and mosquito repellent!

September is still one of the months of the rainy season in The Gambia. With its subtropical climate, you can experience two distinct seasons in Gambia. One is green or rainy season and the other one is dry season, which is also commonly chosen as the right time to travel to Gambia.

Although rainy season is a little bit more intense in terms of bearing the higher humidity and temperatures, the landscapes you can see are amazing! Gambia becomes green all over. On the same side, dusty roads become muddy roads with big puddles of rain and are sometimes a big challenge for local drivers. Yet exactly those roads are one of the reasons for creating the most exciting memories, you can bring home from Gambia. The means of transport are weak and a lot of times even you will have to step in to help with pushing stuck vehicle from the mud.

So, in the month of September, to bring an umbrella with you is not a bad idea. Apart from the year 2020, which is extremely rainy, usually rainy season doesn’t mean there will be rain every day. It usually happens in the form of a storm, which in fact can cause the daily life motion to stop. After few hours, the rain will stop and everything will go back to normal. Most of the days are still sunny. But if you go on a trip, don’t forget to take an extra T-shirt with you.

Because of the higher humidity, this time of the year is also the best for mosquitos. Not so much for us though. But also this can be avoided with the use of mosquito repellents, eating spicy food, long lightweight clothes and keeping away of waterbodies, especially in the dusk and dawn time.


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